Unable to access the game

My child is unable to access the game. Just get to the screen displaying th e white logo on the black screen, and unable to go further. Please guise me to resolve this. I did try update of the software, and it is up to date.

His account: LordieLiam
Peanut Alliance
South Africa

Will appreciate your time and effort and guidance

I have this problem too, it says Facebook keeps stopping and it crashes the game :confused: I will let you know if I find a fix.

Hey there! Are you using iOS or Android for starters? My guess is Android and you really need a google play account to retain progress (personally I don’t trust the facebook feature). The current game build for Android is really stable (tested on a variety of devices). I suspect, that the problem is occuring due to app expecting restored gameplay data??? This is only speculation and maybe you may need to resort to “support”. Maybe another helpful user can shed some insight into this too?

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