(Un)official database of Brogans

Mirrored, share the same armor on the arm and his other hand/arm is adjusted, with a different mask on. It’s kinda funny how fast I noticed it after he (and the enemy “Masked Follower” variants) shared the model/pose as Fletcher.

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so now we might also get an unofficial database of Fletchers?

Not really, too little fletcher clones to make an archive


20 random characters for sake of post


We need the aifeverse

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I think for any hero to qualify for an archive, that hero must be a reskin of the same hero, same pose, okay to be mirrored and be represented at least once for all the colours

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I would agree, there are quite a bit of character models in this game that are re-used for mobs / bosses / heroes. Brogan might be commonly used, maybe as an inside joke of some kind at first but look at how it has taken off, so you just about see him anywhere. However, that doesn’t mean they won’t find someone else to join him.

Fletcher is also got one of those… Troll-lo-lo-lo facial expressions that would be perfect for the job, or jobs.

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well, at this point it’s forum inside joke as well looks like

Should we include all the Cyclops troops as well? They are all modelled after brogan after all. Even though they don’t have the same pose

Love this thread. Clearly i dont pay enough attention because ive never noticed any of these busy Brogans. Excellent work!


Echo @Pr0spero sentiments! Amazing and fun thread and the artwork is beyond words…


these horse enemies seemed to be a copy of hisan


hisan - the horse who lost the race


A new species of brogan has been identified! @StrongBeaver999

Dummy brogan



Thanks @Tidyup

Did the dummy take the weapon and shield from Brogan or did Brogan take them from the dummy.

Edit: That now makes 20 of him


Brogan decided to go on strike as he’s overworked (look at all those versions!) and underpaid :grin:


I was about to add this, this brogan is a dummy