Umm... Where is the loot ticket slot?

I’ve been tracking my elementals ever since I started playing, and I have never not had a slot with loot tickets - I’ve always gotten at least one. This time, I didn’t even have the slot for it:

Were they intentionally removed, is this a bug, or do elementals not actually work as I had previously thought, with there always being the same amount of slots no matter the elemental?

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  • The amount of Loot Tickets received from War Loot and Wanted Chests has decreased slightly.
    I believe this must have impacted your elemental chest loot. :thinking:

Hi @RandaPandah, that’s funny… I was just discussing this on line chat with alliance teammates :slightly_smiling_face:
I was told that the odds for getting loot tickets were “slightly reduced” :astonished:

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Btw, nice loot rewards :slightly_smiling_face:
Congrats :trophy:

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Slightly reduced :joy::rofl:

They’re completely gone lol wtf

& That elemental was terrible lol. Maybe it wouldn’t have seemed so bad if it were any other color, but since it was the red one, it took half a day to finish (on the first day of Springvale, no less) :sweat_smile:


It was indeed very terribad :frowning: 3 silver tokens, no 4* and even one of the 3* a farmable one. At least it wasn’t only 10 emblems and got the best flask.

I also completed a red chest the first day of Springvale, it had this:


Lol, well, guess I’m just unlucky then :sweat_smile:

My last elemental gave me 2 pairs of tall boots. Just wrong. :joy: :expressionless:


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