Ultra-rare chance to Summon Maxed Hero



Ran this question by our community, first, and they seemed to like the idea…

Would you guys support an ultra-rare chance of summoning a fully-maxed hero? What would the parameters be? How could SG implement something like this if they were interested? Seems like it could be financially sound if implemented correctly.

Let me know your thoughts!


They do it - it’s called Beta :slight_smile:

All kidding aside - an easy solution may be to bolt it into the HOTM. Not only do you have a pretty low chance at the HOTM already, but here’s an ultra low chance to get one fully ascended.


Haha, clever

That’s a good idea on implementation. Thanks @sleeperZ96BT


The only wrinkle with your question and my reply is that I am not sure what the financial gain would end up being for SG. It MAY generate more buying to try and get it, but that would be really hard to quantify/tell if it was doing it and it would have to be supported by assumptions that may not be able to be validated (I’m in finance so I’d like to see if it makes a difference).

My other thought:

Why limit it to a hero, why not make an ascension pack that includes everything (outside the meat and heroes needed) to take whatever element pack to maxed level? You still have to play to actually max them, but you get what you need and if you so chose, you could even use it on a 4*.

I’ll throw out a number for this pack to spur some debate if people find it interesting: 10,000 gems so $100 USD for me.

I’d never pay it, but some for sure would.


Lol, it seems top players already has this feature.


Let me first make a friendly amendment that might make this idea more saleable. A summoned hero is always level 1 but there’s a chance of getting an ascended version (2nd, 3rd or 4th), with sharply decreasing odds. Putting it at level 1 still requires the player to do a lot of recruiting and farming, but it solves the ascension mats problem (in whole or in part). Some thought would need to be given about the Special level.

How could this generate revenue for SG? I draw the HotM quickly, but she’s only 1/1. Hmm, what if I keep rolling? Maybe I’ll get a better one! Buy more gems, summon more Carvers and Azars. As it stands now, I probably stop summoning.

Pokémon Go uses this to good advantage, selling more raid passes so that players have another chance to get a better example of some legendary Pokémon.

OTOH the odds of getting the HotM or a 5* event hero are already low. The odds of pulling a second example at all is poor; the odds of getting a better version even worse.

Summoning a great hero already feels great. I’m not sure it needs more happiness, or that my happiness in summoning one should be diluted with the realization that it was “only” a 1/1.