Ultra genius

Middle schoolers doing calculus?!?!

I didn’t know the US school system was that far behind! :laughing:


I’m curious which country do you come from? I think that Canada we probably touch Calculus in high school… 15-16 year old or so.

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In my country, calculus is already taught in high school, too. And I am not even in the US. Had a hella time teaching my daughter since I finished mechanical engineering and taught in a review center for several years before settling in the government service.

But more than that, I am way too curious why OP made such a thread? For shaming? Making fun of me? Lol


I just thought it was funny. Calculus is taught in US high school (usually 12th grade; rarely earlier), but not middle school.

I wasn’t trying to shame you, Ultra. Apologies if it came off that way.

Edit: oh, and I know you’re not in the US; I am, and thus the comment was meant to be against our schools, not yours!

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What do you call white American person with ah PhD in ah science and ah math?

Hint: South Park S2:E8


Oh, it’s cool, man. We are cool. I was just a bit taken off.


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