Ultimate War chat topic (between opponents)


Missing thread for this, sorry i don’t have screenshots, but discussion went like this (via alliance description):
Opponent: “Hello Team Finland, good luck to war and let’s keep it clean, no eye poking or throat punches”
Us: “Kicking into nuts still allowed?”
Day later, opponent updated alliance description: “Allowed yes but not cool”
Us, after win “Thanks for war and sorry for nuts. Btw, your first wave was impressive”


@Strooper12, so what do you want to discuss here? Communication via alliance descriptions quite common. Also know that some share videos and chats via Line War channel or discord servers.

Just share some funny stories about dialogue while in war?

I try to avoid interalliance banter, could quickly become toxic. Yes I did post my last 2 wins in the bragging thread, but I edited out names, and I had no intentions of shaming them. I wouldn’t be bragging about beating them if I didn’t think they were tough opponents. The majority of my war opponents have been worthy adversaries, I see no benefit to smack talking on either side regardless of the outcome.

At least you guys kept it civil, but not all teams do. I think it better to let the scores do the talking, and politely shake hands afterward.

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