Ultimate troll defensive team possibilities?

Hey all!

So I’m looking around for a legit way to become an absolute trolling dead stop for late wars and I’ve been tossing around thoughts on what a team like that might look like.

Currently I have:
Mother North, Kunchen, Guinevere

And I am considering chasing down Aegir since he’ll be up this month (in theory).

But with alliance wars, is there a team that can time people out, and frustrate them into play mistakes, that is all or very heavy healers?

Here’s my thoughts:
Option 1 - Mother North, Kunchen, Guin, Aegir, Alby/Mother North

Obviously I like the Idea of double stacking Mother North/Alby effects, as it could protect against snipers better in a long war. Adding in Guin who steals mana, and that creates urgency for your opponent to get off their attacks.

Option 2 - Mother North, Kunchen, Guin, Black Knight, Aegir

Black Knight could be pretty decent at protecting Mother North here. Especially in the secondary slot, where Guin might have fallen to a strong color stack right away, and hopefully you get BK off before a strong stack goes off. This could keep them off of Mother North, and every X amount of fights, things could get ugly against a stack (which already is a high risk/high reward strategy).

Option 3 - Mother North, Guin, Kunchen, Onatel, Aegir

Stacking those two yellow mana reducers right behind Kunchen seems almost abusive. Again, this is about creating urgency with your opponent. What’s their plan? Stack against Kunchen then face Guin + Onatel at a disadvantage all while Mother North charges? Try to clean out Mother North ASAP while dealing with Kunchen and two mana reducers readying to go into a loop? That just seems very very tough to face.

Option 4 - Mother North, Kunchen, Guin, Aegir, Marjana/Anzogh

Solid defensive abilities with really only one good 5 star option to dispel in Zeline. Or your opponent has to dip into 4 stars to grab Sonya/Cademon/Melendor/Sabina. With say a Marjana, you’re going for a great sniper, with Anzogh, you’re got more damage going out, with yet another healer.

What do you guys think? I’ve seen plenty of posts about healer teams not working, but I feel like we’ve gotten some really great options out there now and not many 5 star dispel to worry about.

Would 2 revivers be worth it on the flanks? And if so, could you deal enough damage/hold long enough to time them out? Especially on say, an arrow barrage war, where they are taking damage every few rounds.

An alliance mate has MN and Alby on the flanks in war, he’s usually one of the last to be taken out. Sometimes one-shot from 4,2k opponents, often they need more shots. He’s been attacked very seldom, I think the pure possibility of 2 revivers is deterrent.
Edit: okay, he has Kage and Magni with them to deal some damage, Guin tank.

For myself, I really hate Aegir, but I’m only with my very good 4* (but even with dispellers he’s not that easy to fight), I don’t know if he’s still a threat for higher offenses.

The first and the second option I wouldn’t even try to attack :slight_smile:

It depends a bit on what enemy aid you have.

For field aid, healer teams can be very effective.

For attack boost, your team lacks any offence and doesn’t completely capitalise on the available aid.

I’d be moderately confident that once the tank is removed, it would just be a matter of time before the others were ground down.

It’s still a very formidable team, but you might vary it for a quicker kill. Something like Kunch + zimkitty maybe?


Ultimate field aid annoyance…


PLEASE Tell me how this fairs in AW!

I HAVE to know!

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Didn’t try.
I always field 3 healers and two hitters for aid.


It depends of your opponents, obviously. To be honest, all those options posted in OP are ridiculous for a player like me. Defenses like that mean 6 of 6 wins for me. Actually this war I faced something similar, TP 4300. 6 of 6, no struggle. Defenses with passive heroes are a joke for me. But hey, the most of your opponents may be defeated. Half of the players in this world complains about aid field for example. Which means that half are only noobs. Who knows how many players hate defenses like yours? Could be half of million, maybe more. So like I said, depends of your opponent. An opponent like me would wipe you out instantly, like I did this war to similar heroes :joy:

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[quote=“Scarecrow, post:7, topic:131872, full:true”]
It depends of your opponents, obviously. To be honest, all those options posted in OP are ridiculous for a player like me. Defenses like that mean 6 of 6 wins for me. Actually this war I faced something similar, TP 4300. 6 of 6, no struggle. Defenses with passive heroes are a joke for me. [/quote]

well, it would be nice to know then what your strategies are for taking on defenses like that. Do you bring a lot of dispellers, for example? share your wisdom :wink: @Scarecrow


I keep 5 Rigards for this purpose only. I mean, a team of holy 3* could probably disband them, but I guess the opponent would get at least a good laugh (and few points in Dark Elemental Chest).

3-2 usually, among them 1 healer, 1-2 dispellers, at least 3 lethal snipers. I just opened an YT channel a week ago for those couldn’t finish epic or legendary challenge. Perhaps I should make some videos about different types of defense and how easy can be beaten most of them. Actually, I think I saw once a thread here on forum, with some videos about how easy is to beat Ares, Guinevere, Aegir, etc. I don’t remember now where I saw that. Anyway, I must admit these videos are most useless and that’s why I never recorded my performances and published. Because a player use some heroes, I use others. I play 3-2, most players like mono nowadays. So yeah, nothing to share actually. Besides, everything depends of the opponent. For example this war I didn’t use one of the best heroes in the game, Ares. I faced blue tanks, I left aside as many reds as I could (except GM, which I use every time, ofc). Anyway, I post war after war my performances here: Alliance Wars -->> Share your teams, strategy & discuss This is what I share for now. I’m too lazy for videos to be honest. Besides, I hate those youtubers begging for attention, subscribers and donations.


What’s your YT channel!?

Lol, I forgot actually :rofl: I used the laptop during the event, now I’m on the phone. But my videos are spread through some threads about challenge. Beating final bosses is one of those threads: Knights of Avalon - Beating the Final Bosses

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I usually do the same when I see a tank like Aegir or Rigard or Ares or Ariel. One of my main weapons is Proteus. Along with Seshat (sniper + dispeller), Sabina (healer + dispeller), Kiril (healer + buffer) and Lepus (sniper), my favorite team to take against defenses like this.

I do wish I had more options in other colors though, so I could stack strong colors. I still struggle against Purple or Green tanks because I lack Yellow and Red options.

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