Ultimate Raid/War Defense Teams

I was curious, if you had any heroes that have been released so far to build a ultimate defense team for wars and raids who would you pick and why? They can be any 4* or 5* heroes. They could be the same heroes for both or you can make different setups, I’m just curious to see what the “ultimate team” would be lol :slight_smile:

Misandra, Evelyn, Gravemaker, Zeline, Alasie. Unfortunately I have none of these heroes lol
Red tank flanked by two greens and two blues on the wings, makes color stacking awkward especially because if you bring blue against gravemaker your splash damage to the wings aren’t very good and Evelyn+Zeline are a nightmare for blue attackers. Everyone is fast mana except gravemaker is very fast. Misandra will help the defense team gain mana a little faster and Alasie will slow down the attackers mana. It’s just an aggressive defense that hits and hits and hits. What team would you bring to attack this team? Tough to be very efficient with color stacking. Don’t want to bring blue or green because they will get punished by the frontline elemental specific damage. Red is ok kind of but still not desirable against double blue defenders, plus the red tank. Yellow and purple maybe? Still kind of wonky.


@SWEG if I saw that team I would roll right on outta there! :scream: Unfortunately out of the five I only have Misandra. But I know which heroes I want for Christmas now! :evergreen_tree:

SWEG, that team would be super difficult to beat. I’m guessing Tarlak would be a good counter to that but idk what else, maybe a Alberich

Maybe Mother North for Evelyn? I haven’t faced her on raids yet, but in this event was a pain in the @$$.

I tend to think rainbow teams are the hardest to combat, particularly in wars, where alliance unity can cripple the advantage of stacking against tanks.

That said, the best war defense possible right now I’d say is the following:

Alberich or MommaNorth in the left corner. Guinevere tanking, flanked by Hel and Gravemaker. And Misandra or Alasie in the right corner.

Raids are a bit of another beast. I’ll have to think about that some…

SWEG, that would definitely be a horrid pain. I’d probably stack three blues with two reds.

One of the blues would be, ideally, Athena or Isarnia, to negate the color resistances. And one of the reds would be Zimkitha, who perfectly negates Zeline and Gravemaker.

I wonder if anyone has already tried this combo and if so, how were the results?

@Xero786 used this team but has since changed it. I’m assuming he didn’t like the results. I stand by my opinion it’s the best defense lol

What if the person had 4/5 heroes, who would you replace Zeline with?

If I’m understanding your question correctly, that somebody has 4 of these heroes minus Zeline who would replace her, I’d answer that Lianna is a fine replacement. I really like zeline’s AOE extra damage against ice paired with Evelyn nature debuff though. That’s what really sells the team for me. Evelyn and Zeline flanking gravemaker just murder ice heroes.

Alby, Quintus, Ares, Guin, Mother North

I don’t have these, but the only answer that comes to mind is double Proteus.

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