Ulmer... Just a complete pr**k


Well Ulmer has well and truly got to me. Maxed out with his special at 4/8. His weary blue eyes just laughing at all my efforts


Probably put too much focus, but my OCD won’t let me NOT max the specials out!


Personally, ff they get to 50 and haven’t maxed, then they can stay un-maxed. I have too many other good uses for ham and feeders at the moment to worry about stubborn specials.


Got my last Ulmer from the event draw. 4×Ulmer gave a 100% special gain chance that worked as it should, giving me 7/8 on his special. Another lucky epic token gave me another Ulmer, along with the HotM, so now it’s back to waiting for another three to get that last point of special.


Ulmer s really not that good. Just saying.


I know he’s not as good as some, but I started levelling him when I didn’t have anything better, and that special has niggled at me for over a year since I got better heroes. Probably OCD of me, but Ulmer is actually potentially useful for the Grimforest rare stage next month, so it’s not wasted effort for me.


I have so much OCD when it comes to specials being maxed :joy:. I am dying at the moment with my second Nashgar. I have only ever levelled him with 10x2* heroes (so 40% chance each time) and he is almost fully levelled with 4/8 special haha. Every other hero when doing this has ended up with a maxed special at 3/1 or earlier haha. I’ve almost rage-fed him so many times haha