Ulmer... Just a complete pr**k


Is anyone else of the feeling that Ulmer is a complete ar*e, like he’s almost fully ascended and levelled and his special is at 3.and that’s only because he’s ascended. Otherwise he’d still be at 1.the guy is taking the mick.


Meant to add, Few guys in my alliance have him and have the same issue, I’ve even checked other people’s whilst waring etc and it’s like he doesn’t want to be fully levelled


Nothing new here. I got my squire wabbit ascended to the max with only 5/8 skill. Kept feeding him numerous times and nothing happened. Not being one who gives up i continued feeding him. After many feeder heroes and tons of food i maxed his skill…

Don’t be a whiner… just keep feeding Ulmer with uncommon and common same color heroes and his skill will improve.


I’ve got him to 6/8. I’m just one Ulmer short of having a 100% chance to increase his special by one. Anything less than that and I expect to have yet another failure… and when I’ve got that I get to start collecting all over again to go for 8/8.


All 3* heroes run the risk of having their skill level not maxed, more so if you use any “trainers” on them. The best way to ensure they don’t get leveled to max short of skill points seems to be to feed them only their own color, and never use any trainers. Even then it’s not fool-proof, but it will give you better odds. (obviously you can do whatever you want to level them after they get max skill, or will max their skill with next ascencion).


I green only fed Skittleskull for 2 ascensions, At 3 1 my special was 3 so I rainbow fed her and before 3 60 her special was 8. Go figure.


I had Hawkmoon fully ascended at 3/8 skill… Now she’s at 4/8… I was pretty pi**ed so I made another one which is 8/8…


R N G strikes again! and again!! and again!!!

LOL :wink:


Let me know if that works you

I fed 4 Nashgars to a 7/8 Nashgar and his special did not level up.


For me it’s the greens that refuse to comply. I have Brienne and Belith both max level, with their sklills stuck at 6/8. I won’t feed them further until I get to the point where I have green feeders that aren’t better used elsewhere

These guys ended up like this doing the feeding one at a time, with same colour, 1 and 2* feeders. It’s just bad luck. I have 6 other 3* that were 8/8 long before they were maxed.

Hisan is at 2/8, but only 2nd ascension, so maybe he’ll pony up :wink:


Almost all my 3* give me trouble, valen and bane were fine, tyrum and Balthazar got to 7/8, Bearden got to 8 in rapid time so he became my favourite. Azar is a douche and got to 6/8. 4* on the other hand don’t cause any issues. They know how to play the game.


This is a common issue with 3* heroes - but just for the record: I have Ulmer and his special leveled to 8/8 without any problems. It is not an issue with Ulmer, it is an issue with 3*s. Their experience just levels up too quickly.


Yes, it is the problem with 3s, simply due to the amount of leveling needed to max them. 4s true level at max is 220. 3s is 120. So with 100 more levels to do %rolls for, 4s always get to 8/8 on special, and 3*, not as much.


3* should get a boost seeing as they are the mainstay for new players and always hand on events at the lower end etc. Nothing more frustrating than seeing your heroes not at peak performance.


I’ve had this with a few 3* heroes, best way to do it is to save up your 1* and 2* heroes to level them up only when you can do 10 of them at once (use all your 2* ones together) so you get a higher multiplier, can take a while but you got more chance of it increasing at 20% than 10%.


I’ve tried that with him, I’ve done one at a time, groups of 10, 5, 3, 7 etc alsoets, mixed it up with colours or just blues and he is honestly laughing at me.


My problem 3* are Brienne and Valen…only 5/8. Karil, Azar, Ganju 6/8. Rest is okay.


was just gonna make a similar thread. it is Bane for me, both of them. Ulmer got his 8/8 way before he hit max level, but I fed Bane maybe 15 batches of all yellows, maybe 5 of them were all 3 stars, so 40% chance, and nothing.
I was going to ask if it is even possible to level a skill after the hero is leveled completely, but I see from these replies that it is. I guess I will keep trying…


Ulmer and Hawkmoon for me…Ulmer stuck at 5/8, Hawkmoon at 6/8. Each of them I tried with 3 duplicate heroes and had like ~85% chance to improve, but lost them BOTH!!! Grrr…I should have waited for the 4th duplicate. Now I wait again.


I do wonder if players put a bit too much focus on level of special skills, on 3s specifically. I havent really found much difference in my gameplay experience if I have a few 3s at 5/8, 6/8, or 7/8. Maybe it’s bc I have leveled all the 3s I’m going to, and mostly focusing on 4s and 5s. But even when i was leveling 3s it was more of a side note then too. Oh well, good luck on ur 3* special skill leveling!