Ukrainian language

Dear developers.
I am writing to you as a player, a member of the top100 alliance and one of the representatives of the Ukrainian gaming community. We are not the main, but I think an important part of the E&P world, having three alliances in the top100 constantly and several others who play at a high level entering the top 100 depending on the outcome of the war. And many many small alliances.
I personally had this idea for two years. But now, with the events that are happening, our community and I have a request to SGG and Zynga to introduce Ukrainian into the game. And make Ukrainian chat room. We are willing to help with all translations (for free) and do our best to make it happen.
We hope to have an affirmative answer.
Thank you for your time
Best regards.

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I think this is a great idea! The only problem though is that I think this might cause more problems than solutions. For example: how would it be monitored? Who is stopping non- Ukrainians from joining and starting drama and politics? What about other communities, should they also open a Russian only place to talk? What about Germans or Romanians or Chinese? This would just cause more issues and drama I think.

There is a reason why two alliances at war cannot “chat” as that has been requested many times, is because of the drama that happens.

Personally, I think it would be easier to have a Facebook page, your own line chat, or another third party site to talk on to avoid all conflict.

Good luck on your request regardless!


nobody will monitor in game chat room. same as now. I’m not saying to make private chat room only for Ukrainians.
and there are German, Chinese and many other chat room. If other community wants their chat room (Romanians, Bulgarians, Thai, etc.) they all are free to ask SGG same as I do.
But the main question here is to introduce Ukrainian language into the game. I understand that maybe SGG and Zynga may not have resources for this, that why I’m saying that Ukrainian community is ready to help with translation. And we are ready to make is ourselves. Only need all the original texts


There are currently 20 languages in E&P that have global chat rooms. The OP is asking for 1 more language to be added.

This is not unreasonable, and while I’m sure that their could be some bad behaviour in there, there currently is a ton of that going on anyway.

I would vote for this if I could, but with the current voting system being limited to so few votes, I cannot.


I see what you are saying now! In the original comment it sounded as if it would be adding a private chat room for just Ukrainians, so I thought there may be issues with that, as I previously commented. But that’s not the case. Only that you want the game to be translated into Ukrainian. Makes much more sense!


Well you get my vote, one more language in a chat room wouldn’t cause any issues.
I wish you well with your request/ask
My biggest wish is that the Ukraine and all Ukrainians will find peace and safety soon. Take good care of each other