🦅 Ukkonen – 5* Fire / Red from Legends of Kalevala

Just got mine today. Can’t be happier as the attack down is massive. As there is a dot heal, he will be decent in both ways. Can’t wait to max him up in defense.


Ukkonen sems to be out of tune with other cards of Kalevalla family… even thouh a musician!
That is because all members pass ailments to enemies (Aino, Kullervo, Iku, Vaina, Luhi even his own -40%attack) so a special to make buffs undispellable seems allmost useless (if you want to have other family members with him and get the family bonus).
A more suited special would be smth like “refreshes ailments on enemies”.
Then he would worth a place in the Kalevalla family!

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you know hes the prime choice for giga spending alliances right now?

Are you sure…?
Anyway, as said, his specal could be made to fit with his family member,s specials.

When he first came out, I didn’t have much interest in him. Then I started seeing him on top defense teams. So I tied to get him and succeeded. Almost done leveling him, but I still don’t see don’t see the appeal. Perhaps because he’s new, or there’s something I’m not seeing.

The obvious spot is next to a taunt hero to make the taunt undispellable and give a recurring HoT that resets any time special skill damage is dealt which with taunt should be constant.

Not satisfied with being mere support hero, Ukkonen has a solid AoE hit. The attack down may not be as desirable as defense down but it will help your recently buffed taunt hero survive longer which will help you win battles.

Ukkonen is a brilliant combination of effects that make a real difference. Well balanced so should not need to be “adjusted” by SG.

(THIS IS INCORRECT) The Goblins just made him relatively more valuable as well, Deadboot takes dispellable buffs and gives to its allies. With Ukkonen’s special active, Deadboot would steal nothing. (THIS IS INCORRECT)

Making buffs undispellable is GOLD, that is what makes Brynhild so astonishingly good and Belladonna so frustrating to fight against.

Am looking forward to pairing Ukkonen with Ludwig…

[EDIT: Buff Stealers CAN steal undispellable buffs, stealing is not the same as dispelling]


[EDIT 2: Version 61 updates means that undispellable buffs can no longer be stolen:
Version 61 Release Notes & Status:

I wish I could claim prescience but I can’t]


That’s exactly what I do and it works brilliantly. Even means I can go without a healer at times as he keeps three of your team alive and Ludwig’s taunt hopefully protects the other two.


Wow Sternman. Thank you for that. I knew there was more value there than I initially thought. Appreciate your explanation. :slightly_smiling_face:


Think it has been tested out, dispel shield doesn’t work against stealing

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Gaahhh. FFS!

Thank you @Tidyup , I will edit, I see you are correct in many threads (mostly in error threads when it happened to people like me that assumed it could not happen).

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Next to the taunt seems ok… yet, taunt is flanking tank, right? Then he goes wing position which means he looses his 1/3 of the special. And I still don,t see how he can fit in the Kalevala family! Anyway, thanks for analysing Ukkonen (as far as he goes).

Phorcys is the one that should flank but Ludwig can tank just fine.

Lol imagine a Phenexa-Ludwig-Ukkonen lineup. If Ludwig goes off, game over.


Ludwih has allready a good chance for undispellable buffs. Why give the slot to Ukk, just to make it 100%?

Only if you have and are using at least one and preferably two other Wolf family heroes.

Ukk does, of course, take it to 100% and while that “only” takes place on Ukk’s special, if Ukk is getting guaranteed free mana from Ludwig, then… yeah.


I am thinking about combining Arco, c-Sif, Ukkonen, Ludwig and Phenexa (in that order) with positioning Sif and Ludwig in front (W-formation). Still have to level Ukkonen first, but in theory this should make for a strong def lineup… as long as Ludwig and C-Sif fire before getting obliterated by a mono yellow team :sweat_smile:


Well yeah, imagine what I am proposing which really fits with his family:
reset all debuffs on enemies!
Then…yeah! you can see where it goes once you have sent any ailment to the enemy… thats I expected from the last of this great family tree (Aino, Kullervo, Iku, Vaina, Luhi…)

Ukk-Ludwig-Phenexa (in this or reverse order) is already nasty; getting Ukk to pull double duty by renewing counterattack? Oof. --But then, I always seem to have more trouble going against counterattack than anyone has when I run my c2Obakan at tank, hah (though it may also say something about what I’m running around my counterattacker?)

I can see that, though they already gave that to Narcisa (doesn’t mean in principle no one else/ a Kalevala couldnt have it)


Guess all Ukkonen sitting on the bench will now be leveled up :grin: with the new release that making it impossible to steal or transfer buffs when protected by “buff protection”

Will also Zircon wake up from coma?

Happy gaming


Well, I’ve met some new top defences
With ukkonen tank and It ain’t pretty…