UK IMMORTALS - now recruiting, 14* titans, lv 23 troops

UK IMMORTALS - Come join the top UK alliance whether you are based in UK or globally -we have members from all over but majority are in UK

We are top 100 when full, chaining 14* titans, good chat, line optional, competitive but in a fun way -100k minimum Titan hits and all flags used in war.

Lv 23 mana troops or above? Look forward to seeing you soon

Check us out in game or use line: silky0001

Any questions just ask :+1:

I’m looking to move alliances and upgrade…view my profile…very active in play and communicate frequently. Leve 30 troops and circa 40 5* max troops… typically use mono teams for wars which give better than average results usually…depending on the mood of the algorithm…lol👍

Hi John, sounds perfect, I use mono too when it works it works very well! We’ve got a load of experienced players who can help if needed

I can’t see your profile until you request to join but I’ll let the others know so they can accept if offline if you decide to join us via the search alliance tab :+1:

Great, I’ll say my goodbyes and leave my alliance in time for the new Alliance war :+1:

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Good luck @John_sfotz :+1:

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