UK Immortals family thread - join us now, no matter what level you are!

UK Immortals are looking for new members! We are down to 24 at the moment so have plenty of space for some new faces. We are looking for experienced players with ideally 4300TP+ and 6 war teams ready to be deployed. In return we offer a fun atmosphere on Line and Discord, where we share all the knowledge and help eachother out. Trophy requirement is 2400 and we hit 12-13* titans daily. Join us!

For less experienced players we have some spots in UK Immortals 2. The training alliance for UK’s top 100 alliance is also recruiting. We are a group of 26 friendly players looking for other with 2000+ trophies. Simple, yet effective war strategy and coordinated titan attacks makes us a fun and competitive alliance. We are looking for active players and are hitting 9-10* titans daily. Titan are a must, war optional.

Join us!

Line: silky0001


UK Immortals 2 have now 24/30 members and are looking for you to join! We just changed to green tanks in wars and are continuing to grow.

Check us out if you want a supportive and friendly alliance with active players and most no flags left unused. We offer competitive play with the goal of moving to the main alliance.

@PodyMan do you have openings?

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Yes, will be editing this message in a bit - we have one opening in Immortals 2 and created a third alliance as part of the family.

Thanks for your help @littleKAF I will make sure to keep this thread updated.

Following the last post - we have now extended our family to three alliances. We are now running a no pressure one called UK Immortals X. All players with TP over 3000 are most welcome!

Please see a more detailed version on all of the alliances and get a spot in the queue if you want to join whenever there is a spot available.

We share a Discord channel and have a very active Line Group – both are optional and to your benefit as we provide all the support you will need. We ensure all flags in wars are used, slay titans efficiently and have the same war strategy for Immortals 1 and Immortals 2. The ideal scenario is obviously to get some experience and get promoted to the higher alliance, which we did earlier this year.

UK Immortals – required TP is still 4300+ and we have 30/30 members at the moment, so if you would like to be a part of our family, leave a message here to let me know. Green tanks for war are mandatory.

UK Immortals 2 – required cups are 2000+ with a preferable TP over 3800. We now have one spot available and would like to see you here! Same as the main alliance we are running green war tanks and are hitting 10-11* titans.

UK Immortals X – freshly started alliance where we are looking for players with the TP over 3000. That is the only requirement for the time being as there is no pressure, just gathering experience.

If you need more information talk to our leader on Line: silky0001

We have now 5 spots open in UK Immortals 2 at the moment due to some inactivity being dropped. Feel free to give me or Silky a shout here on on Line. Preferred players will have 2000+ cups with a preferable TP over 3800. We are still running green war tanks and currently hitting 9-10* titans, looking at coming back to 10-11* when at full strength.

We also encourage new players or the ones looking for a bit of a break to join UK Immortals X – freshly started alliance where we are looking for players with the TP just over 3000. That is the only requirement for the time being as we want to share experience with other players.

If you need more information talk to our leader on Line: silky0001

Main alliance is now full and the training alliance as well. We are still looking for players of any levels to join UK Immortals X - a fun, laid back alliance where you can catch your breath or just get some more experience with some of our best players. Feel free to join today!

@PodyMan do you have any openings available for the main UK immortals?

I realise that the main alliance is full, but I’d like to be added to the waiting list to join if possible?

I’ve been playing the game for 2 years and it would really suit me to join a UK based alliance, thanks

Hi mate, sorry haven’t been on the forum much lately. Have you been in touch with us already? I know your name was mentioned in terms of the waiting list for the main one.

Hi @PodyMan

No worries at all, I managed to message Silky about moving over and I’ve been added to the waiting list :+1:

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All good then, hopefully there is an opening soon :+1:

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