UK and US flag why they shared?

Why are the only two flags that are shared is the UK and US flag??? Why arent these separated like all the other flags.

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Because the flag on alliance screen only shows the language. Check portuguese/brazil - they are also shared, because it is the same language.


I believe it’s “preferred language” if you click on it.

So does that mean there should be more flags shared than just two. Im pretty sure that there are more countires that just two that speak english, spanish, french, etc.

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If you look for problems where the problems do not exists then I guess you are right. They probably focused on the flags of 2 countries from which they have the most players. Plus there are much more languages not covered by any flags. So as everything, this was simplified a bit not to overengineer.


American-English is a recognised language, and due to the size and population of america it is possible that american-english is the language installed on the game, I just don’t know or care enough to prove that. This is a really unimportant topic.

Important enough for you to comment on. Just saying…

If my time was valuable I wouldn’t be here


Lol, good point. I laughed.


It’s cos we’re bestest-best friends!

Apart from that thing with the tea in Boston.



So I can be happy, that German (language) has only the German flag and not Austria and Switzerland in it :rofl:

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Not the only ones… Portuguese and Brazilian too…

Oh look, it’s Kadilen and Elkanan.


I personally think the Canadian flag should be prominently displayed for English (and French) :rofl:

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But we really have nothing in common. Not even the language is the same…I can’t understand those people in the UK half the time…

Same can be said for Porutgal and Brazil. The languages are quite different. Just because they have the same name doesn’t mean much.

Just make them separate…

Oddly enough, they actually removed the flags from the player language preferences a while ago, but left them for alliance language preference.

I wonder if they might eventually remove them there too.

I think you will find that the shared flags that involve language would be based on the languages allowed within this game and then your options in settings from that list.

So although there may be more flags due to there being more countries the SG languages within the game would not be big and thus limited to the main countries that speck those languages.

why do you need to be logical here…?

You should be a regular (at least) for sure!

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So you just want it to be as the arabic language ?

It literally just says Arabic :rofl::rofl:

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What do you have against it? Actually, there`re many countries that “share” the flag with each other for political and historical reasons.