UK Adventurers - currently FULL (11th July 2019)

We are currently FULL as of 11th July 2019

Our Alliance - UK Adventurers - are looking for active, friendly players who are looking to grow.

We have been established for over a year with many long-standing members who are primarily, but not exclusively, based in the UK. Any English speaking members would be welcome.

We see ourselves as a friendly and sociable group who are quite relaxed in our attitude to the game. We do expect you to participate regularly in wars and titan slaying, but we don’t run any onerous, pre-planned war strategies. Just do your best, and do it regularly. We are currently mainly taking down 7* and 8* titans.

Our minimum trophy requirement is 600, and if you have a Team Power of around 3500, that would put you slap bang in the middle of our alliance.

We are quite communicative in the game itself, but we don’t run any external Line or Discord groups, so you won’t be pestered outside of the game.

Take a look - search for UK Adventurers in-game. It’s an open alliance, so you can just hop on-board.

See you soon

We’re looking for people too. Alliance. … Pride of England. Requirements are not high, although constant. Discord.

I politely suggest you start your own recruitment thread then my friend!

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Good. You can delete my post

We are currently FULL as of 11th July 2019. See original post for details.

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