- U.S.M.C Semper Fi - Now Recruiting

– U.S.M.C Semper Fi –

We are a friendly group of people, wanting active people to progress through the game with us.
Killing 5/6* titans and have won all wars.

  • Must be drama free and 18yrs+.
  • Must be 500 trophies/cups.
  • Must hit Titans and participate in Wars.
  • We encourage the best out of everyone and will do our best to help with anything.
  • We understand real life is important, so please let us know when your away or whatever as we have a 3 strike policy with Titans and Wars.
  • Fun and progression is also a MUST :slight_smile:

Few of us use Line and we’re all around the world from UK to USA and Australia.

Join today to be part of the team. Hoo-rah!!


Hey guys,

We’re still looking for 3 people.

Come join us today and reap the rewards.

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