Tyrum low power

My Tyrum is level 50 (max), he has power 428 and 305% damage to the target. Fully max power of Tyrum should be 433 with 310% damage. I see that special skill of my hero is not on maximum level, that’s why is difference. Can you explain this situation? How can I fully max my Tyrum now? Thanks

You have his special skill at 7/8 right now.
You can still feed him heroes to level up his skill to 8/8. It will still be subject to chance though.

Better to use purple heroes to feed him, doubles your chances.

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Thanks for quick reply. I will feed him until special skill will reach level 8/8. Why I don’t have same problem with other heros? What was wrong and where during leveling my Tyrum?

The odds were just not in your favor when you did your lvl ups. Most of my 3 star hero’s (have like 15 at lvl 50) are not 8/8 in special skill. I have also fed them but they just won’t lvl up so I stopped.

That 5% increase in damage and 5 point increase in power isn’t that big of an issue for Tyrum anyway.

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