Tyr's talents

Tyr’s talents as fighter aren’t showed up nor activated even once.

How many nodes do you have him up to?

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He has 9 nodes… 18% of chance in total to revive but i didn’t see it in any aspects.

18% chance of revival
82% not to revive
Really could just be bad luck how long he had emblems for and how many matches you done with him?


I’d been using Tyr in two weeks but his chances of revival werent showed up when he’s fired up by enemy. No indication whether he revives because of his special skills or the talent itself.

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He will always revive because of his Special Skill if he has the buff active, and will return with 32% HP. The status effect will then be cleared upon revival.

If he doesn’t have the buff active, he’ll only revive because of his Talent, and will do so with 1 HP.


Yes, 32% HP when he has buff, but when buffs aren’t there and fired up by enemy i didn’t see his talent activated even once… Unlike with other heroes like Kingston, boldtusk, etc… their talents as fighter on which 1 HP were there when they fired up.

Oh yeah he has the revive if his special goes of goes off and dies kinda odd to give him fighter class :woman_shrugging:
I’d just say keep an eye out If special is active or not.

Is the helheim realm effect NOT applying when he revives a bug, or the intended behavior? It seems like the wording of the realm effect implies that it should apply then… The effect says it does damage “when a Helheim hero dies” and the resurrection only occurs “if the caster dies” so shouldn’t it the damage apply before his resurrection? Also, just curious (I haven’t been able to test), does the realm effect currently apply when Tyr is revived by the class bonus from emblems?

sorry to bug you, @zephyr1, but could you please enlighten me on this? Is it stated somewhere I’m not seeing that the realm effect is supposed to not apply when his special resurrection is triggered? it really seems to me like either it’s bugged, or there’s an error/omission in the wording. I tried submitting a ticket directly to SGG, and their response was to try asking on the forum :confused:

I know the Small Giant Staff have confirmed other on-death Realm Effects and Stacks don’t apply if a hero doesn’t fully die, but I’m not sure if they’ve said it about Tyr in particular.

@Guvnor seemed to say they had, but I’m not sure where the original statement was:

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Dang, apparently my searching skills are not what I thought they were… sorry! I appreciate the speedy reply, though! :slight_smile:

Not a HUGE issue, but perhaps worth requesting that something be added to the wording of the realm bonus that states that it only applies if there isn’t a pending revive/resurrection, if that’s the case? I’m assuming the Vanaheim realm bonus works the same way, too… though I don’t think any of the vanaheim heroes have revives (yet, anyway haha)

thanks again for the reply, I’m assuming it’s a bit of a nightmare around here with all the nerfing business… good luck with that in the days to come!


The same happens when another Hero revives an on-death effect Hero, though.

So Skadi won’t get a Stack for an enemy who revives, for example.

That would be helpful, although they’ve generally tended toward excluding edge cases for the sake of brevity, so I’m not surprised by the lack of detail on the Realm Bonus description.

It’s certainly been a hectic and noisy few days.

Hoping things will settle down in the coming weeks.

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I hadn’t thought of that! This got me thinking about how Muggy would interact, so I went and tested it…

Both Stonecleave’s Helheim and Mireweave’s Vanaheim realm effects were triggered when they died and became bruiser bros! Apparently, becomming a bruiser bro counts as “dead dead dead” :rofl:

It does make sense, though- there’s no coming back from being a bruiser bro, and when they died as bruisers the effects did not re-apply… So, it seems like the idea is that the on-death realm effects are only intended to apply once per hero in a given match. Which, seems pretty fair, I suppose!

This is a totally valid point! I think because of how often Tyr specifically will encounter it it’s not really that much of an edge case, but I’m not looking to make a stink about it, haha. The Muggy interaction I’d totally call edge case though- and, FWIW, I’ll admit I’m perhaps a bit overly interested in edge cases in general :slight_smile:

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I think it should apply when he dies even if he is resurrected. It is sort of like when Jon Snow died he was able to leave the knights watch. Even though he came back his watch was ended because that clause in his oath was triggered while he was dead.


I’d like it if it did as well :slight_smile:

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