Tyr's status ailments. What's wrong with this guy?

Not sure what the issue is here? When Tyr resurrects all status effects on him are removed, both the fire damage as well as his regen and resurrect buffs. When he revives with the fighter talent, then this is not the case.

Status effect shown at Tyr not shown in his description. Looks like graphic bug

Ah yes I see what you mean now. Could be a visual bug, will test it with my Tyr now and see if I have an issue

Got it on 2 different opponent today

Just raided with and against him, seemingly not a game-wide bug

It’s not a solution :)) I found bug, posted it on official forum. What they will do with it only their (developers) decision. If it’s OK and working as intendend - OK). Got it twice - on Android and iOS platforms. Version of app - latest.

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