Tyr vs Gravemaker

Tyr or Gravemaker, who would you give the rings too?

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How has Gravemaker not already gotten rings and fully ascended?


A. I also really need to have this questions answered

B. Hard choice. I think GM still reigns supreme, but I watched a few videos of Tyr yesterday singlehandedly winning raids. My GM is maxed and Tyr is getting rings asap


I’m in the same(ish) boat. GM is +9 and Tyr will be next project for ascension after I wrap up Mist #1, Brynhild #1 and Nordri #1.

But I believe the videos going around are aberrations and not the norm of what you can expect.

In at least one of the videos I had seen the enemy (AI attacked a Wilbur instead of a last legs Tyr)

Yeah, we saw some of the same videos in the same line group I believe.

My GM is about to be at 15 (14?.. forgot) and tyr will be a fantastic addition to my red 3/2.

I know those videos are probably not the norm, BUT it proves his value to me and it was enough to bump him over my 3/70s (zim, red hood)

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Mine is more of a theoretical question. I was saving for pools in May for gravemaker. Now I know there’s The whole “a hero in hand” argument and the chances of getting gravemaker are slim but again this is a theoretical question. I have also seen some videos of tyr that make him look like he should be getting the rings.


Time will tell if he can knock GM off the fire throne. If you have Tyr, I would take him to 3/70 and see what you think.

How many rings do you have?

I have 5 rings and 9 blades. Should be able to round that off soon so no one is getting maxed right now. I just maxed BK. By the time may rolls around I should have enough to do one of them and I don’t mind waiting for the chance to max gravemaker. There will probably be a lot more info to help with the Decision by then too. I just thought I would spark the conversation

I would go for Tyr. Sometimes I feel Gravemaker is on a groovie train - he is great, but think Tyr is even more dangerous.

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In my honest opinion, I would go with Tyr
Good luck

but imagine tyr had 30% res rate from emblems too.

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Reason is that I personally - when looking at heroes lineup - do not turn away from a raid because of gravemaker. He is usually third on the list when I decide. My hot’s negate the fireball damage, but other special effects hurt my team more (silence / mana-loss). Tyr looks to be a badass - will keep coming back for more, like Wolverine or old Logan. Can’t beat a healing, undying hero who comes back for revenge!

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Oh everything makes so much more sense now.

If I know I’m going To see a hero I want in a summoning pool and I’ve budgeted a certain amount to make attempts to pull him, I generally sit on potential usurpers to those ascension mats.

In the end remembering that the game is a marathon not a sprint is what reminds me that sitting on mats will prove worthwhile in the end.

That’s how I feel. And in that same vein, Assuming I had the choice between the two heroes, given Enough time they will both be maxed. I guess my question should have been who to focus on first. I’m getting some good input here though. I’ve been pining for gravemaker For a long time now. They had to go gum up the works by putting out a hero like Tyr. Best laid plans of mice and men

Honestly… Neither is Fire MVP right now IMHO (that honour goes to BK).

Gravey is well proven and works everywhere - raid defence, attack, events.
Tyr looks like he’s got serious potential, but his SS is complicated and it looks like you may not get the full impact of it too often - maybe it’s OP when you do, but you can’t expect that to always happen.

I have GM maxed + 11 emblems. He is always good.

Tyr is probably better for doing the missions.
His sustain and revive makes his effective even without support.

I haven’t maxed my tyr, but I think him in defence would not be bad at all! He is like an unkillable tank, because of his fast revive buff and hp regen.

Now I think about it.
Tyr seems to be more solid.
I would max him.

I was about to fully ascend Tyr until I pulled Gravemaker today. Shall I continue with Tyr or work on GM? My 5* fully ascended Red heroes are Marjana, Anzogh and Santa Claus.

My current defense lineup are Seshat, Guinevere, Telluria, Vela, Marjana.

What are your thoughts?


What other yellows do you have? If you have a fast hitter like Joon or Poseidon, then it’s a no-brainer. Take out Guin and Marjana. Put the yellow on the wing and Grave at flank opposite Vela. That’s a top tier defense.

If you can’t swap out Guin, then it’s a bit trickier. I’d still do GM, but Tyr is also an upgrade over Marjana.

I only have Onatel but the emblems are with Guin at the moment. Eventually, GM and Tyr will be fully ascended. I can put the emblems to Onatel and go with GM as an alternative. My current defense is keeping me at 2600 and up level. From versatility perspective, I feel GM would serve me better at the moment.

I did Tyr not long ago. He is great but not as jaw dropping as I had hoped. Still, I don’t regret him. I pulled Gravemaker today as well and thankfully have the mats for him as well. I can’t tell you the neither is a bad choice and it won’t take too long before you will have them both. Problem with my gravemaker is he is competing with BK for emblems.


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