Tyr talent path and mana path for fast hero

  1. Tyr talent path. I go with sword path, attack first and then, it comes to more defense or hp, I feel like his hp is kinda low like vela, I’m thinking to make it even, like +4 shield and +4 heart if I go with shield mainly after sword he becomes less than 1400 hp in the end, a bit low than average, the defense doesn’t help much against DoT, he still get 832 defense total if I spread out this way and it’s not too bad I think, also his hp can reach 1450+ which looks ok for me. so what you guys think? All shield or spread out?

2.The +2% mana talent for fast heroes. Is it worth getting? Well, mana path comes with a shield, the other path looks even better which is +hp and +atk, especially for snipers. I gave both my Evelyn and Seshat the + attack path, but I’m thinking to give Alice the +2% mana this time, just want to try it, any ideas?

Anyone having experience using emblemed Tyr? Is the attack path boost his damage enough or is it better to go def/hp route?

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