📯 Tyr – Season 3 Hero – 5* Fire/Red: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

That’s kind of a relief, since I didn’t want to have to reset Kingston. Still need a red to replace Mitsuko on my defense :confused: I do think Tyr is a must max if you have him, though. Thoughts?


I have been blessed with an abundance of Fire 5* Heroes - (2 Marjanas, 4 Azlars, Khagan, 2 Elenas) with one of my Marjana’s at 3-54 & one Azlar at 3-40 and my plan is to sit them and max Tyr (Granted Tyr is still second to my Gravemaker who is maxed at +9 as he’s the one Fire 5* I’ve invested in completely)

Hope that provides you with an idea of where I consider Tyr.


I don’t have GM. Tyr would be competing for rings with PiB and JF, mainly.


hard one. please post your choice, when done…

Probably going with Tyr. I said he was the 5* I wanted the most from Valhalla. I was lucky enough to get him. Red doesn’t get snipers, which I hate because I love snipers. Tyr is kinda close… I guess…


Should be interesting to see him in action on defense. Dual chances for revival and an AOE realm bonus attack each time he dies.

Emblemed up Tyr will be a beast in défense and just about impossible to beat in wars with 20% health F.A on top.

I have stopped all hero levelling and putting everything I got into maxing him out ASAP, lol.
It’s just a shame I got him on my small alt acc and not my main, :rage:, lol

I’m sure this has been answered somewhere, but I can’t find it.

The realm bonus lists 3 amounts, depending on the number of heroes from the realm are present. It’s 1/2/3 right? So a hero gets the realm bonus just by being there?

Yes, 1/2/3 is correct.

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Would you care to expand why you think he’s this great in war defense?
I mean I’m excited to max and use him but I don’t think I feel this strongly.

This is just my opinion and the way I see him and since défense team needs help.


  1. His damage is pretty decent at 285% even thought if looked upon as a sniper it may seem weak.
  2. 60% bypass of buffs and counter-attacks is also very useful as my experience of these %'s in SS is it’s usually on the higher scale thus used quite often. Also this aids to his survive to stand strong.
  3. The bleed damage is really neither here nor there and probably won’t do much in the long long IMO anyway
  4. Regenerates 548hp is where he starts to shine and become useful in offence, if his 60% bypass kicks in then he could potentially load up again in hp.
  5. Now the Resurrection side of him is what will make him hard to beat in offense IMO should he get a good run.

Put all that together should all his SS’s be activated that coupled with the war health as stated earlier would definitely make him hard to beat and pi$$ attackers off, especially once emblemed up to +20 which I presume his current 1312 health would then go up to around the 1450 mark thus even probably making him an acceptable tank should you have no other tanks on your roster.

Hé is most certainly stronger in defense at 756 compared to Khagan at 642 and his attack is also a touch better.

Personally as a flank paired with +attack healers/heroes and/or the likes of Poseidon to his rear thus possibly protecting a strong shooter.

Don’t misunderstand me when I say he would be great in défense as he would also shine well in offence but unless your up against a much stronger team and your after endurance over power then I don’t see myself using him to often there.

All this is only my perception of this hero, I could be totally reading him wrong and if so then please feel free to correct me by explaining other aspects I may have missed.



Fought him as a tank just a moment ago, not hard to defeat, just annoying.

NO TANK is hard to defeat if you know how and can bring them down before they get their special off in some cases.

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When is it time to photoshop Tyr’s face onto Hugh Jackman’s body?

Wolverine is coming to E&P.

Wonder if he’s got an adamantite skelly, too?


Good God. Has resurrection effect AND is fighter, so if his talent kicks in for fatal blow while he has full mana he can resurrect right again afterwards. And he can also heal HP before resurrection. Thank god all status effects are removed when he dies. Also he is fast, so he can be good red tank. The damage does not seem like much but the bleeding stacks with other bleeding which can accumulate fast, and it can bypass Reflect to finish someone off.

Looking at this guy, WHY IS ATOMOS SLOW?! Atomos does area dmg but that is pathetic so there is literally no reason not to make Atomos fast as well.


What does the community think?

I faced that same dilemma today, when doing ten pull both boys decided to jump in. Happy day! And I even have the rings ready.

Tyr is my nr one choice, seeing that my other maxed fire 5*s are Grazul and Anzogh.

(Sorry again Elena, I love you dearly but you are bypassed once again. And there’ll be No rings left for you either Marjana or poor old Guardian Kong either)

I was thinking something like this…



Always wondered what he looked like underneath that mask… :joy:


Seriously. From everything I read, he was just too OP…well look at the new guys! Would he still have been so against these dudes?

As a relative newbie here, five months, with little chance or money for a Gravemaker or Mother North, the hope would be to have something to be able to compete with these amazing heroes. You took that away.

The heroes in this new season scare me, because I know that there are those waiting who have already pulled and leveled them. They are seriously OP.

I have Clint…the Frenchman…JF. It would be nice if he had some value.