Tyr Revive Error

Tyr had revive applied, died from a special, then revived and was hit by an attack, then revived with 1hp.

Tyr should not have revived before entire enemy raid team took all of their turns.

Please read:

This does not seem to be about the rate of revival, rather that Tyr revived after enemy special but before the normal attack, when Tyr should only revive at the beginning of his turn after enemy turn is completely done. However it seems unlikely that Tyr would die from normal attack after he revived with 32% health.

Replicate it them and post screenshots or video clips then. Otherwise, it would be considered as a misunderstanding on your part, unless others come forth and complain on the same issue.

Tyr is a fighter, so if he dies after reviving (back to 32% health) from his special skill (the ‘angel wings,’ as with Atomos), he can still revive after that due to his fighter talent, with 1hp as with other fighters.

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Yes I’ve noticed this, the whole random aspect of this game I think is clear… that it isn’t.

It seems as tho revive will work 2 or 3x times when it doesn’t, or not at all.

It seems like when the computer plans on your loss, it makes sure it happens with tile delivery.

The summoning is not random either.

It’s far more controlled than you could imagine.

No, if his skill is active then he resurrects instantly after removing all buffs and ailments.

If he dies and uses fighter skill then he revives at the start of the enemy turn with 1 hp, and buffs/ailments aren’t removed.

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Why is this so difficult

Tyrs special was active
died after enemy special
Resurects with HP and Immediately died upon one normal enemy attack.
Resurrected with 1 hp

If tyr dies with special, he should have been in ghost form for all of the ensuing hits, but he resurrected in the middle of enemies turn (multiple heros)

Regardless of that no single normal attack on a raid takes 350-400hp away from a hero.

This doesn’t make sense other than a glitch or bug.

Sorry. That’s why:

I recently battled a BT with my BT…opponents revived 5x and healed a couple of times. Mine revived an unbelievable 9 times and as last man standing his final revive won me the match up…can’t help feeling like I stole that one.

Hard to believe revive percentage isn’t 70%…


I think the biggest problem is not that they revive. It’s that E&P maintains and stands adamantly with these bogus %’s

Just tell us what it really is because you just look like you’re either bad at math or you’re trying to BS and BS’tter

And no one likes that

LOL. You’re harsh. LOL.

I seriously can’t decide whether I hate this game more than I love it. Sometimes I could throw my phone down an elevator shaft at the things I see, after a year of playing…

I hope the developers play as much as us? So they at least know what is wrong with the game. I hope they care.

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