Tyr ou Tahir?

Which of the two would go up first? I have Mitsuko and C-Aslan at most.

I’d do Tahir over Tyr in a heartbeat. Other than the revive possibility, Tyr is a dud IMO

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I would go Tahir as he has more versatility than Tyr and is definitely more lethal, despite Tyr being more annoying to deal with.

  • Tyr
  • Tahir

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No love for Tyr. but Tahir deserve it

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I don’t like Tyr at all. I leveled him when I got him, and I regret it.

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Tyr is best used in combination with Fenrir (if you like Norse mythology) :smiley:

It will result in trouble (but not for your enemy lol). If you were wondering what happened to Tyrs arm, well Fenrir happened…

So for a fan like myself that is enough reason to upgrade and LB Fenrir (hoping for Tyr to come along to become wolf food), but if you just want to play E&P you´re better off maxing Tahir…

While we´re at it I want to complain that SG made all my favorite characters into crappy E&P cards… besides the 2 aforementioned I am mainly looking at Baldur there… Now I am stuck wanting all the worst S3 heroes, it is very conflicting feelings all the time. I really need to get Heimdall or Loki some time, that´s the only favs that actually are good E&P cards (well 1 of 3 Lokis is good).
And worst of all: They turned Jormungander into a mythic Titan??? WTF! I want her on team Loki together with her brother Fenrir! Off topic rant over lol.


I used Tyr for quite a while, and with some luck I took down 4 enemies on a raid after the rest of the attack team died. Just a string of revival and specials.

That being said, he just doesn’t do enough in the current meta. Not enough power to do damage and his resurrection benefits have conditions.

So I’d choose Tahir. Super easy to get his higher attack.

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Tahir if you have a fast red ailment hero to pair or even a passive or stack

Going off topic but you should get Odin and Thor

From the book I’m currently reading How Iceland changed the world


I have Tyr maxed but he seldom sees action, though he is actually good because of his survivability. He can finish fight when odds are bad. But Tahir is much better, being sniper that Nemo should be, either killing enemy or making its flanks bleed, and has that element link protector from fiends for 4 turns that can’t be removed, which is quite a big for element link. So Tahir.

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because they are part of Norse mythology? Well yes they are and so are all the other S3 heroes. I mean sure I wouldn´t mind getting them all, but I will go for my favs first :wink:

Odin and Thor being the most well known are a bit less interesting than the smaller characters with their obscure side stories :smiley:

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