Tyr or Lady Loki

I have dilemma . Two warriors Who deserves emblems

Lady Loki 1000%.
She is a game changer against GTV. You want her tougher to survive until she casts, you want to give her more chances to revive, you want to increase her attack so do more damage as part of her special. You can build a whole team around Lady Loki as she will be that effective.

Tyr has minimal impact as an annoying but weak sniper. He can be ignored in D and I imagine he wouldn’t be particularly effective in O

I think that Tyr has to be better in offense because you can control the timing of the ability . And sometimes the reviving thing can be important. Is like a sticky heroe that always is reviving and hitting. But need timing

On defense , i agree with you, not such a big impact due to dispel and due to basically the attacker controls the timing


Dziekuje za odpowiedz To jeszcze jedno pytanko mam A do obrony Tyr czy Lady Podobno Lady do obrony raczej nie bardzo ale tak samo pisali o Malosim ktorego mam w obronnej a jakos puchary sie trzymaja

to moze przedstawię moja druzynę obronna od lewej Alfrike 19 Finley 19 Telly 20 Tyr 19 Malosi19

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Thank you for the answer This is one more question I have A to defend Tyr or Lady Supposedly Lady to defend rather not very much, but they also wrote about Malosi, whom I have in defense and somehow the cups are holding

so maybe I will present my defense team from the left Alfrike 19 Finley 19 Telly 20 Tyr 19 Malosi19

I’m guessing the consensus would be to max Loki before Tyr? (This is what I’m currently thinking anyway!).

The question I’d have is whether Loki is impactful enough to justify stripping emblems from Delilah or Panther (currently thinking I really don’t want to, but should I consider it? :joy:)

From Delilah, yes. Panther, no…

Delilah and Freya in a 3-1-1 has been incredibly useful - if anything, I’d be stripping Panther before Delilah.

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Rather than creating a new thread, I have this same dilemma. I have been waiting for a D blade to ascend a 5* and I was planning on using it on my 3-70 Lady Loki. In my pulls this weekend I managed to get Tyr. Is the consensus still that Lady Loki is the right choice?

I have Zim+18, Grazul+1 as my usual attempt to block/cleanse ailments. I am not sure either of these two options replaces Zim in my Def, but both would likely crack my top red mono team (Falcon, Elena and Marj). Right now Elena has +6 talents (Killhare at +18) so I have limited emblems for either of them.

Besides everyone says, you have to see which hero fit better to your roster needs. You already have Zim who provides a faster cleanse that Lady(without the bouncing aliment back thing).

Do you need a second cleanser in that team? Are you in a need of a second cleanser for a second red team(war)?

On the other hand you dont have anything like Tyr
You may consider him to be on your main red raid team.

Both are A rated heroes anyways so its up to your roster needs

Lady Loki.
Totally independent opinion here

See, that is why I wanted to get opinions. Everything I have read is that lady loki is awesome, and tyr is above average. I can make lady loki work, but having a sniper that revives is helpful too.

Sometimes when you are deliberating the ascension of two great heroes, yes i consider Tyr a great hero and so do those tyr owners on this thread, you can check their opinions, the best way to decide yourself is knowing your roster well and what you need, test with the heroes and see which adjust to your playstyle and read people opinions.
I usually enjoy watching other people raids/ wars on youtube to see the heroes in action

Both are excelent heroes but different applications/uses

I have both leveled, and I much prefer Lady Loki.

Tyr’s damage is too low for a sniper - and his revive ability RARELY wins me a match. Loki’s cleanse returning DOTs back to opponent has won me lots of matches.

I would actually take a Marj over Tyr on offense if they were both available.

Awesome feedback guys. I do think I would have to adapt my play style a little to work with Lady Loki. I usually attack fairly mindlessly and use specials as the charge (not every time, but it is nice when you arent in the mood to think through an attack). I have played long enough with SW though to learn the patience and holding a special for the right time. On paper Tyr is easier to use, point and shoot.

The current meta is very ailment heavy though, and being able to send those back is why I think LL could be more useful. I could consider leaving Grazul on the bench at times.

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100% Lady Loki.

Granted I only have LL and not Tyr but from what I can see and have experienced Tyr’s direct and DOT are low and so he cannot be considered a true sniper. A number of people have said that he can turn a losing match into a winning one with his survivability and that is probably true, but Lady Loki is the MVP of probably 60%+ of every match she is in as long as you are facing a team with 2 or more of these:

  • Tel, Vel, GM, JF, Clarissa, isarnia, Azlar, Zeline, Richard, Kunchen, C Vivica, C Magni, White Rabbit, Frank, Frida, Evelyn, Panther, any of the sand heroes

Regarding playstyle that is a subjective thing. Personally I really enjoy playing with Lady Loki specifically because you need to think about how/when to use her, how long to hold the special, how to make it interact with blockers and cleansers, and that extra layer of strategy is fun for me. If you prefer a point and shoot style of play then she will not be as enjoyable for you.

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