Tyr or Lady Loki

I have dilemma . Two warriors Who deserves emblems

Lady Loki 1000%.
She is a game changer against GTV. You want her tougher to survive until she casts, you want to give her more chances to revive, you want to increase her attack so do more damage as part of her special. You can build a whole team around Lady Loki as she will be that effective.

Tyr has minimal impact as an annoying but weak sniper. He can be ignored in D and I imagine he wouldn’t be particularly effective in O

I think that Tyr has to be better in offense because you can control the timing of the ability . And sometimes the reviving thing can be important. Is like a sticky heroe that always is reviving and hitting. But need timing

On defense , i agree with you, not such a big impact due to dispel and due to basically the attacker controls the timing


Dziekuje za odpowiedz To jeszcze jedno pytanko mam A do obrony Tyr czy Lady Podobno Lady do obrony raczej nie bardzo ale tak samo pisali o Malosim ktorego mam w obronnej a jakos puchary sie trzymaja

to moze przedstawię moja druzynę obronna od lewej Alfrike 19 Finley 19 Telly 20 Tyr 19 Malosi19

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Thank you for the answer This is one more question I have A to defend Tyr or Lady Supposedly Lady to defend rather not very much, but they also wrote about Malosi, whom I have in defense and somehow the cups are holding

so maybe I will present my defense team from the left Alfrike 19 Finley 19 Telly 20 Tyr 19 Malosi19

I’m guessing the consensus would be to max Loki before Tyr? (This is what I’m currently thinking anyway!).

The question I’d have is whether Loki is impactful enough to justify stripping emblems from Delilah or Panther (currently thinking I really don’t want to, but should I consider it? :joy:)

From Delilah, yes. Panther, no…

Delilah and Freya in a 3-1-1 has been incredibly useful - if anything, I’d be stripping Panther before Delilah.

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