Tyr or Baldur?

Ok, so i just got enough mystic rings to max out a new red hero. I have decided it should be either Tyr or Baldur.

The other red heroes i got maxed:
Garnet, Santa Claus, Jean-Francois, Mitsuko, Red Hood, Gefjon.

None of them will be a part of my defense team, as i got Onyx, Cobalt, Heimdall, Garnet and Joon there. My next red will mainly be used as a offensive attacker in wars/raids

Any thoughts?

I don’t know Baldur very well, but Tyr is very entertaining on offense.

He won’t one shot anyone, like gefjon, but he’s so tenacious and can win against three other 5*s.

Tyr gets a bit of a bad rap because he’s weak on defence - his special needs thought and timing but he’s absolutely one of my favourite heroes.


As you already have Red Hood maxed (she protects against mana cuts with her minions, same for Baldur with his boosted health), I would go with Tyr.

Hes on my defense team

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