Tyr needs a buff

He’s weak, he’s not a threat, he does very little that’s useful and his damage to one is other heroes damage to 3…

By every measurable standard the dude needs a buff.

not a costume, a buff across the board.

How about change him to 250% damage hit 3. Or he regenerates hp for everyone. Or if he kills an
Enemy he resurrects an ally. Soooo many options, just not what he currently is.

Never going to happen
Tyr doesnt bring money anymore
No one is chasing him anymore
The new heroes got buffed ( the actual meta )
The old one got costumes to be chased again
Wait 2 or 1 year for s3 costumes
I have him maxed i only use him in mono red or some quests
He’s still kinda annoying though
He’s a survivor not a striker


Do we have to summon the again, or do current tyr owners get the costume?

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Ofc we have to summon them again…sg will have a massive stroke otherwise

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Well….I guess I just know better than all of them then…

Yep, Tyr is so useless that I have to give up my dreams of pulling him even after I saw him on YouTube, beating the Dark Lord all by himself.

Feel free to look it up

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He is decent. Annoying a bit and that’s all about him. Same as Baldur. Annoying

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I am with you on that. He can be a pain in the butt.
I just don’t think he is useless as was implied.

“He’s weak, he’s not a threat, he does very little that’s useful and his damage to one is other heroes damage to 3…”

This sounds extremely like a defense rant.
On offense he is far better. He is not even close to any new hero, but also not even close to the worst red 5* hero. There are others who could use a buff before him…


Thanks @ferg there certainly are red 5* heroes who need the help. Tyr in my view does not yet require such help

Tyr’s strength is in his ability to survive and thus stretch the battle out longer, and before I had the roster I do now, he was a rockstar for me! He allowed me to win a good number of battles simply by staying alive and affording me the ability to keep getting in direct damage and shield damage. He wouldn’t win them all, but more than enough for him to be a worthy offensive hero.

There are 50+ heroes I would buff before worrying about him


Tyr is a street brawler in the age of nuclear warfare. He’s great for winning close matches but I found myself using him less and less the more fast hit all heroes became meta. Now he just sits around waiting for someone to take his emblems occasionally going in on easy cleanup jobs in war.

Good lord, why!? :flushed:Why on earth would Tyr need a buff?? I’ll be honest, if they buffed him in any of the ways you suggest then I would be very happy as I have him, but it really is not needed. Every hero really does not need to be an overpowered beast …

Happy Gaming :sunglasses:


Stack him with costume Marj and Gormek to increase his damage significantly and make sure he’s active when big hitters go off. He’s actually quite good in a number of situations. I agree that there are tons of 5s I’d buff before him.


This brings me back to Exeera. Newer hero with somewhat better stats, passive and so on but really weak compared to any hero, even Salmon Loki