Tyr is completely unfair

I just played a Raid and the opponent had Tyr. I’m not even kidding he came back to life 10x that is completely unfair I had 4 heroes left & I was defeated bcz this hero doesn’t die. Can something be done about this?!!?

Almost never does he actually do this. If it’s 4 on 1, simply do not hit him with tiles until his buff wears off and then unleash on him.

He’s underpowered IMO.


I agree that Tyr is a great hero and his revive can be extremely frustrating. But I do not think he is unfairly powerful. As Mr. Spock said, simply wait until his special effect is over; or bring a dispeller. I have not had too much trouble dealing with him.


And come on, you play a single raid where you have trouble with a hero and immediately create a thread about how this hero is “completely unfair”?

That’s a bit over the top.


I was initially worried about this hero being the red button on offense, and single-handedly wiping out defenses without effort or sweat. Which every now and then… :joy: he can be impressive.

But on defense it turns out, he’s more of a nuisance than anything else.
A mosquito…


I am bringing Kage on him. That at least brings his special out of picture. His talent can still trigger. Ametrine would probably work as well.

Once I fought BT that revived 7 times in a row. So when you have hero that can survive fatal blow and his special keeps him alive, it’s fun sometimes.


I have seen it , heard the same , and have had BT revive five times in a match . Couple times with his special ready . Soooo awesome . Tyr is awesome but not overpowered .


As tyr doesnt hit very much stronger than kelile he really is far far away from being op.

I even intentionally push tiles on him when my board is difficult. Even fully talented his hits are nothing to worry about.

(Its just the same as fenrir … even after his buff he still hits quite moderate)

I get so sick & tired of ppl like you. It’s my opinion. This is a community forum, my post upset you so much that you needed to reply that MY opinion is over the top? BTW I only mentioned 1 raid cz it JUST happened. It has been countless raids & tournaments that I’ve played against this hero & this happens.

Kids, keep it calm.

I’d prefer not to get anymore dents in the flagging-stick.


dents of adamatite claws?

Sorry, couldn’t resist. But imho Tyr is manageable, nothing like Telluria at her worst.

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I think others have said it pretty well. I hear Tyr is pretty good on offense (haven’t really given mine much of a run yet) but in defense he is a bit of a cake-walk. I almost always leave him until last/tile dump into him as he is usually the least threat level. At the end you can either charge up all your specials and kill him and unload into him once he revives, or else just wait for his special to wear off and then take him out.


Clearly it is solely your opinion, yeah.

I’m not even remotely upset lol. I just think the community of this game would be healthier if people took their time to evaluate heroes and not get outraged from one bad experience.


Was actually wondering why there is a need to vote!
Anyway, when defending heroes are not analyzed and countered appropriately, they can bring surprises…

I am tiered from trades like this this one, from people who do not bother to try to find how to deal with a heroes and immediately rush to ask nerf to the hero, the forum is public but instead of writing how strong or how dishonest it is you can ask for advice on how to deal with them, there are many good players in the forum who will always help.

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I disagree that he is completely unfair.

On my most recent raid including him on defense, I took my purple team including Kageburado who shuts him down nicely, but also Costumed Sabina.

While Kageburado may be difficult to pull, Costumed Sabina is more easily acquired. She also happens to be a fun counter not only removing his buffs if they are up, but also preventing him from setting them up again.

Mist can similarly block buffs if using yellow and there are numerous other dispellers who can make short work of him.

And sometimes not so much when you have to deal with it, :slightly_smiling_face:

Now I’ve heard everything. Tyr? Tyr is one of the weakest 5*s out there IMO. Yeah, he’s annoying to kill at times…but he’s not hurting you much either.

if teampowers are not equal, he hits alot harder vs weaker teams and is bigger nuisance. That is probably his example.

So we have to make sure that Tyr is not able to One-Shot Dawa? :rofl:

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