Tyr clearing HP reduction after revive

When raiding against Tyr, I found he cleared hp reduction from Almur after he revived. As I understand it, his revive clears status effects, which does not include HP reduction. An alliance mate managed to recreate this.Tyr clears HP reduction

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Not a bug. Once a hero dies, EVERYTHING is removed-stacks, buffs, and ailments. Reviving them brings them back to their original state.

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Adding here that this specifically is for Full Dead resurrection. Tyr & Atomos more of a resurrection not a “revive” & is the same / equivalent as Mother North/ Heimdall/ Alberich Resurrection where all effects of all types are removed from the resurrected hero.
Note also that the revive from Marie-Therese or Muggy or Shadereave is the same.

Specifically am using the word “resurrected” as opposed to “revive” which is for fighter class.

Fighter Class revive DOES keep all ailments, buffs & effects that were in play when they died. Resurrection does not.


Yes, you are right. This was answered before also :slight_smile:


To me, there is a difference between the two cases. A revive hero (MN,Alby,Heimdall) is bringing back a dead hero, it would make sense to me that all effects are cleared. Resurrection heroes like Atomos and Tyr bring themselves back, and their card specifies status effects are removed. Perhaps the hero cards are unclear, but there seems to be a distinction between revive and resurrect.

I believe revive and resurrect are synonymous. Atomos and Tyr both “die” first in order to trigger their resurrect buff so it should be correct.

This may be true, in which case the hero cards for resurrection heroes should be changed. Naming that status effects are cleared is confusing. Thanks for the input :slightly_smiling_face:

They are not synonymous. Revive is a fighter talent. Ailments and buffs are not removed.

Resurrect is a skill from a few heroes (Tyr included) that clears all effects from the previously deceased hero.

Whether or not this particular behavior is correct depends on which effect brought Tyr back from Helheim.

Also this to consider

I stand corrected. Ailments DO stick on revive but not on resurrected recalling raid matches.

Maybe it is a bug lol

@Saltyy Trying to nerf my Tyr…shakes head :grin:

In my linked video, Tyr was resurrected by his special. Though I’m not sure if the fighter special can proc with Tyr’s special active :thinking: At any rate, you mentioned resurrect clears all effects, which would not include HP reduction. I interpret resurrect and revive as distinct skills, as resurrect is active while revive is passive. Alby cannot revive himself and Tyr cannot resurrect others.

Revive is processed first, Tyr’s resurrect is second. Yes, I’ve seen revive go off when his skill was active. Very annoying.

Resurrect would clear health reduction. It clears everything.

Thank you for the information! Good to remember. Well, based on feedback from you awesome forum users, I suppose my gripe is with the hero card wording. It would be clearer if it either didn’t mention any cleanse effects specifically or something along the lines of ‘clears all effects’ . Thanks everybody :slightly_smiling_face:


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