Typing (new?) ranks

I think that we as leaders should be able to type in what rank our members are!

@Offyoupop Ranks come with certain abilities in-game (ex. Changing the Featured Message). Since ranks are linked to these abilities I don’t beleive it would be easy incorporate into the game.

Being able to type in a title like ‘Court Jester’ might be something you could suggest since it wouldn’t be tied to the game operations. I don’t think random ranks would work, though.

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I think personalised ranks would work much better as there are infinite possibilities. I know what the rank do lol

Perfect. Then I guess I wasted my time telling you how ranks are linked to certain actions in the game and how the ability to give a player any random rank would break that link.

Regardless, this still needs to be moved to a different thread as you’re hijacking a thread about something else.

@zephyr1 @Garanwyn @Rook can one of you split this off into another thread, please. This is completely off topic of the thread.


It really wouldn’t break any link if you had the ability to choose who can do what. Quite agrees ain ya lol

Split as requested.

@Offyoupop please clarify your idea and i can edit the initial post (and remove these other posts if necessary).

Please do not hijack existing threads; you can always make your own if you can’t find a thread that matches what you are looking for. :wink:

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Thanks rook! Yeah please do edit and remove the other posts and my idea was to be able to have custom ranks a’s any leader sees fit and also has a separate option to hand out particular powers to other members. It would make every alliance unique!

What other powers are you thinking of? Remember, SG would have to code it, and i’m not saying they will. What sorts of things would you like to see? What would be most helpful across the spectrum of alliances? :slight_smile:

I am not sure where to post new threads but as Alliance leader, one shld be able to turn off member participate in WAR. Some player may offline for a few days but forget to uncheck which will be bad in WAR. Therefore as Leader shld be able to uncheck the player b4 start. But player will be notify n can override if needed.


I think to keep it simple normal elder ranks and co leader ranks privileges as they are just with the leader being able too puck who can do what and add other privileges as the game evolves. There are many good ideas from many people and all should be taken into consideration ad debated for example sarstels idea although to make it work I would suggest a card system before anyone can be withdrawn from anything! Otherwise the power is open to abuse

Does it really matter? Sure it maybe cool to have a comical or badass name instead of elder!
Say you join a new alliance and say I wanna be called blah blah as you like that, maybe have to prove to them your the title you promote yourself as blah blah and say maybe that alliance doesn’t do the cool name are you that botherd about it!?

If it were to have at least 10 ranks

But why exactly? What does the alliance gain by having more ranks?

I see currently two basic types of alliances. One, the leader makes the decisions and the others follow along. Two, the leader and co-leaders discuss decisions and act accordingly.

Anything else is really just fluff.

I would add the following restrictions:

  1. co-leaders can only kick members when approved by either leader or a second co-leader.
  2. new alliance members do not automatically opt in to wars

Other than that, I really don’t see any reason to add anything else.

It’ would set a social status within the alliance!

There are some ppl in alliances who should be commended for their work but that don’t necessarily mean you wanna give that same person responsibilities!

So similar to calling someone “Bard of the Forum”