Types of titans


Fought a Blaze Dragon today. Someone get the bactine, please!burnt


What level Titan is that? Does he do the Coleen type lingering fire damage?


5* one. Residual burn damage after a fireball attack. I have to stock plenty of band-aids, bactine, and antidotes…


For whatever reason, we hardly EVER see red Titans in my alliance. At least half are purple, then most others are blue. It’s kinda odd, but tbh I’d rather not deal with that residual fire damage anyway.

We’re currently hitting 5*/6* too.


We’ve been flip flopping Glacial Mammoths (blue), Dread Dragons (Purple), and Blaze dragons (red).


One word: Antidotes.


I have my guys covered. haha They don’t leave home without them…