Types and duration of blocking

Plz can anyone tell me what the Types and duration of blocking in the game empires & puzzles

Can you be clearer about what you mean by “blocking “?

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Hi sir I see everyone talking in chat but when I talk no one can see what me to write

Oh, chat. There is only one kind of blocking, where a user chooses to block a specific player. That block stays in place until/unless the user chooses to unblock that player. The blocked player gets no notice of the blocking.


I have been playing this game for quite some time now and it saddens me greatly that some of my closest game friends are being chat banned for what appears to be no specific reason. There are certain players through the global Chat that in my opinion trouble makers. They will start a conversation saying they are sad or having a bad day which ordinarily isn’t a problem… But…it is always the same players moaning day in and day out. So… What happens is, when one of these players doesn’t like a reply, they instantly use the report button. I now have at least 3 friend that have been banned at least twice. They are continually getting victimised by certain players and it ruining the game experiences for them as well as the players that are missing them. I would suggest please a through review of the complaint and a chance for the person accused to be able to explain their actions before a selected ban is introduced for them.

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I am with you in this view that one of the victims

And if that player don’t unblock,what happen?

They never see any messages from the blocked player.