"type hope & prayer"

Pandemi virus Corona (Covid 19) melanda dunia…

•Harapan merupakan bagian dari Do’a dan Do’a merupakan tindakan spiritual (memohon) kepada Tuhan YME untuk mengabulkan sebuah Harapan.

•Dengan kerendahan hati & niat yg tulus Ikhlas dari semua anggota Community Forum Empires & Puzzles ntuk membantu saudara2x kita yg tengah mengalami musibah ini. Dengan mengetikan Harapan & Do’a… :palms_up_together:…dan saling mendoakan satu sama lain.

•Melalui ketikan harapan & Do’a kita semua, semoga musibah ini cepat berlalu… :pray:

•Untuk menjaga kekompakan sesama anggota Community forum EP diharapkan :

  • Saling bertoleransi sesama, menghargai Harapan baik & Doa tulus yang berbeda keyakinan
  • tidak disrankan kiriman berupa foto/audio/video.
  • hanya di sarankan berupa ketikan.


** Corona virus pandemic (Covid 19) sweeps the world … **
• Hope is part of Prayer and Prayer is a spiritual act (asking) to God Almighty to grant a Hope.

• With humility & sincere intentions from all members of the Community Forum Empires & Puzzles to help our brothers and sisters who are experiencing this disaster. By typing Hope & Prayer … :palms_up_together:… and pray for one another.

• Through typing our hopes and prayers, hopefully this disaster will quickly pass … :pray:

• To maintain the cohesiveness of fellow members of the EP Community forum is expected:

  • To tolerate each other, respect good wishes & sincere prayers with different beliefs
  • Not sent a shipment of photos / audio / video.
  • only recommended in the form of typing.


@DACPAMA, thank you for joining and being a part of the forum!

The primary language of the forum is English. I think it would be allowed if you posted a translation under your post (you can edit by clicking on the pencil at the bottom of your post)

The other option is to move your post to the foreign language section of the forum. I’m happy to help with that if you would like.


Thank you for your advice…:+1:
Please type your hopes and prayers for the disaster that is happening right now …?


If you would like to discuss the impact of the virus and your personal experience it can be done here,

However the forum is normally just for game related material and we’d respectfully ask for requests for religious activities be posted on more appropriate websites. :slightly_smiling_face:


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