Two years of playing E&P- achievements

I don’t remember the exact date when I started playing E&P but I think it was at the end of April 2017. I had to spend some time in a hospital and I grew tired of playing Hill Climb Racing 2. I had not really played mobile games much. I installed a few random games and E&P was the one I started getting interested in. I had only played solo games before this and I did not intend to join an alliance, just pass the time, playing by myself.

I started to slowly expand my kingdom, opening new levels on the map, getting new buildings and worrying that I do something wrong in my building selection and mess up my game. I did not know at that time that it is really impossible to do anything wrong, there will be space for everything you can build in the end. I probably did not do it optimally and lost a couple of weeks but in the end it does not make any difference.

I was getting new heroes, getting my first 4* hero, possibly Grimm, cannot remember for sure. But I was not getting enough ascension materials from the chests and rare missions alone. I needed those titans so I joined an alliance, picking a random one. We were killing some titans but there was hardly any discussion in the alliance chat and it was in Russian. I don’t speak Russian so I left and joined The Gallos where I have been ever since, somehow ending up as the alliance leader (much, much later). It is a nice alliance, killing 7* titans. Not much happening in chat usually but everyone participates and helps when help is needed.

I started getting more 4* heroes and also got enough ascension materials to max some of them. At some point I fed my fully leveled Azar to one of the 4* heroes thinking I would not be needing any 3*s any more. There were no wars or special events at that time, why would I save my 3* heroes, they just take precious roster space. Luckily Azar was the only one I fed.

I spent all my gems on elemental summons, hoping for a 5*. A couple of my alliance mates had Athena and I was a little jelous of the titan damage they achieved. I was, and still am, FTP but I was tempted on spending money on those cheap 300 gem deals. But I was never going to spend hundreds on this game just to get a hero and spending any money to get just one summon did not in the end make any sense to me, given my track record on previous summons. The summon odds were not published at that time, there were just some speculations on the forum. And I got Wu Kong quite soon and he improved my titan damage quite a bit.

I finally got my TC20 ready in December 2017. And got my first 5*, Quintus, in January 2018 (I finally ended up maxing him when emblems were introduced - I am not expecting to get a better sorcerer any time soon). I was running three TC20s for most of the time, finally getting the 5*s I had been waiting for, Khagan, Isarnia, Magni… I think I was quite lucky for not getting a 5* sooner. Now I had built myself quite a decent 4* bench and I actually had the ascension materials for the 5*s I was getting, at least for some of them. And when alliance wars came, I had 30 usable heroes available, not all of them yet fully leveled but getting there fast.

I was getting a bit bored with the game in spring 2018 and was considering quitting but decided to wait for season 2. And I am still playing, waiting for season 2. If it had been released all at once, I probably would not be playing any more. I still spent all my gems on summons, now only event summons and Atlantis summons with Allantis coins. Still no 5*. Wilbur is the only Atlantis hero I have bothered leveling. Hoping for Proteus. I have really given up on getting 5* heroes from summons. Although I finally got one at the end of March, Frida. One year and 11 months to summon one 5*. Frida makes my already strong blue team even stronger. I used to use mono teams in raids, stacking against the tank. Now I am getting extra lazy and just use Kiril, Magni, Isarnia, Magni (3/70), Frida regardless of the opponent. And I am winning more than ever.

All the new things have kept the game fresh for me. Emblems and class quests. Now I can do something to improve my regular 5* heroes. And the slow rate of getting the emblems is quite enough for me. I have gotten used to getting things slowly in this game :slight_smile: And raid tournament. There were some issues in the first one, I got 20-0 record like so many others and ended up in the 10%-25% tier. I just don’t care. It was only the first of many tournaments to come and I am sure the issues will be fixed. It is something new, with new rules and new challenges.

I have stopped spending gems. I have 3300 at the moment, I just don’t know what to use them for. Maybe I’ll use them at some event summon eventually but I am not expecting to get anything useful. And I have 15 epic hero tokens. Waiting for the summer event. Maybe.

What have I achieved in two years?

  • Ended up as the leader of an alliance.
  • Level 63. I really like having 48 world energy, I can sleep for 8 hours without wasting any :slight_smile:
  • Defeated 506 titans.
  • Won 8289 raids.
  • Made it to number 5 in global raid ranking (used one flask).
  • Fully leveled 14 5* heroes, 31 4* heroes, and 19 3* heroes (+ one eaten).
  • Completed 700 TC20 trainings.

I don’t have any plans on quitting any time soon.


Great tale tomb.

Most importantly, you still appear to be enjoying the community and have made peace with the summons and drop rates.

Epic hat tip to your massive level!


One of my fondest memories in the game was when I searching for an alliance. I too just randomly found one when I first started. I was shy (surprising for me!), so I avoided chatting. No one really chatted much, and I didn’t really feel a connection.

I randomly chose another alliance and as they chatted a lot I soon realized that they were all high schoolers (and I’m a retired grandmother). They were great kids, very respectful.

The leader mentioned something about losing a five star hero and I asked if him if he had it locked. He confessed that he didn’t know what that meant. After I explained it to him, he was so grateful! It warmed my heart and I knew my stay there had served a purpose. I wished them luck and moved on to an alliance that was a better fit for me, age-wise.

I enjoyed getting to know those teenagers, and they give me hope for the future of our world!


Read it. Loved it. I could see myself in your story. Impressive


All positive stuff. Well done. Been on here four months now. And my first ever “game” for want of a better word. I only joined because my 8 year old grandson asked me to download it onto my iPad because he has it on his mums phone lol. And much to my surprise I really do enjoy it


Cool read bud! I’m sure if you kept trying your luck in summons will change.


I had similar experience: my only 5* that came from summoning was Justice that I got for an Epic Hero Token presented at a 1 year game anniversary.
But suddenly this Springvale I got a smile of Fortune: my saved Epic Hero token gave me Madter Lepus and Azogh as a bonus. Then I won another token and summoned Elena. :slight_smile:
Randomness is soooo unpredictable.


I can relate in your story. Truly inspiring.

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Wow. What a great read. Thank you for sharing that. I hope your journey continues to be successful and enjoyable. Wow. Just wow.


Awesome share, thx.

I really enjoy all the quests, events, tournaments, titans and wars and looking forward to season 3.

This game is a never-ending story and that’s its secret, even if there’s no real storyline. The story isn’t less than a mess, but all those options and community things (aliances) makes it interesting nevertheless.

And then this board, which is another great community helped to improve my english (hopefully) and my ingame performance.

For me there’s absolutely nothing to complain about. I spent, if I like to and don’t have higher goals than having a good time, lots of fun and some worldwide social connections.

Everybody should enjoy it like me. It isn’t worth being frustrated due to outcomes, rewards or bad luck. Take it as it is or leave… I’m gonna stay and enjoy. :slightly_smiling_face:


This spoke to me on a very personal level. Can’t wait to be level 63 now :laughing:


I think we all agree with this haha.

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Good story. Thanks for posting.

this is one of the best reads yet …keep ur hat on.nice work love it

Wow great story I like it

Dude you can just as well wrote how I began playing E&P I just did make lots of mistakes. Gerben Soeters took me under his wing and I m very glad for that. Very addicting game

I had the pleasure of hosting tomb for a bit when he helped our very small alliance with a Titan and inadvertently got sucked into AW matchmaking. Like a real trooper, he stayed (with one other merc) and helped us win the war, giving tips and encouragement. Since then I have merced myself and always use tomb as an example of how to conduct myself.


I enjoyed your post and it’s positive tone. Reaffirming and almost inspirational:thumbsup: