Two very active members 3000 plus

We are two VERY active members who are already in an Alliance who are thinking about starting a new Alliance but do not want to start from scratch. We attack EVERY Titan and participate in Every war. We are considering moving to a more active/talkative Alliance with active members. Also there is a clause. We would like to be made Co Leaders…

Why demand co-leader positions? What do you want to do with that? 3,000 isn’t really all that high. Do you think you can throw that number and have people grovel to make you co-leaders? I may be coming off snarky (intentional) but really, what are you thinking makes you so special?


Their are alliances that will make you co-leaders or even a leader. Alliances which already are active see the value of fresh blood in the team especially those with experience. Good luck in finding such an alliance.

I’m also curious about the co-leader request. A co-leader can kick other players. That position should be given after a period of trust has been established. I’d never give that position to any player that I wasn’t 100 % sure of.


I agree with princess that a position of co-leader or elder should be earned…that being said I see daily recruitment in game chat of people offering those positions just to get members. And we have seen several alliances where every. single. member. is a leader, co-leader, or elder. So I imagine there are groups that would welcome you with open arms, and I wish you luck in finding the right home for you.

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And I truly am curious about why anyone wants the title? Our co-leaders bust their ***** off in those positions. They are expected to be very active, do research, advise other players, lead by example, help with recruiting, be chatty on the game chat and discord. They are also responsible to make decisions regarding inactive players in consultation with other co-leaders.

If I were to ask our members who wants to be a co-leader I can tell you I’d get very few (if any) volunteers.


Hi Keith. Your response was pretty strong… :slight_smile: It is just that we are deciding whether or not to form an new Alliance… We are in an Alliance which is pretty weak in communication and participation… Only four active members… Me and another member of the same Alliance have become very close and correspondence via email very regularly are considering jumping ship… We Are very active and if you do not like the terms then so be it… No need to be rude… But BTW. Thank you for replying…

Hi Emerald_Rain. Thank you for the reply and I respect your opinion… :slight_smile:

Highest TP? I cant guarantee CO, because that would be up to the Leader.

Hi LITTLEKAF… No offense intended… It is just two frustrated very active members want to join an active Alliance… Come leaders of course because over time you will see we are VERY SUPPORTIVE of new and old members… I apologise if I have offended you… OMG… The forum is so cruel… Lt Owen. I think we should start our own Alliance… It would be more enjoyable… It is only a game where guys and Gals get together… Am I wrong

If I have offended you then I apologise

No need for you to apologize @Lungie1 Ltitlekaf was unnecessarily rude and rather disrespectful. You can have a different opinion and tastefully express it.

No reason to apologize @Lungie1. I think the request is odd and it was stated best earlier by someone else. There really are not many features elder or co-leader can do that are game changing. A major one is kicking players and, especially with the few communication tools in this game, can be very detrimental if done unjustly.

In my alliance, I’m the co-leader. I didn’t start my own as that’s not really for me. To each there own. The leader tends to make people elders at around 75 days and co-leaders near 300ish days. There’s no hard rule on that - just what he decided on his own - and there are exceptions to the rule too.

The only situation I could see where someone could demand a co-leader role is if there was an alliance merge. That would make total sense - a show of good faith.

Good luck in finding your alliance. I feel you will struggle though. I don’t think an established alliance will grant you your request and I believe that is what you are looking for. Good luck.

If you i have Line and havent found a new home. Pm me (tkristensen) in Line.

Starting and running an alliance is a lot of work, especially if you are only two - people tend to join alliances more often that have 20+ members.

There are a lot of alliances, recuiting in game, forum, Line, Discord, etc with different gaming styles (casual, competitive, chatty, calm). Should be possible to find an alliance that fits the two of you - maybe even with the co-leader requirement. Good luck!


If you still are looking for a good home, I’m in an alliance with a couple vacancy’s. I’m a co-leader and that position is earned, not given. So it is possible that that position will be given to you at some point. We are currently on 7* titan’s and should move up to 8*s with two more strong players. We have a good war strategy that works unless we are over matched. Inactivity is not tolerated, I’ve kicked many people that don’t participate in wars and titans. Knights of the Round Pie is the name of the alliance if you are still interested.

I hope you found what you were looking for. :smile:

Come on over to 33 Seconds. We are active and looking for some active players. I am the leader but we lead by committee. Before anyone gets booted it’s a majority vote. I promote based on participation so don’t miss a Titan or wars and you will get moved up quickly

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You’ve gotten a lot of good advice here and some invites. My recommendation is to join an existing alliance and participate enough to earn the co-leader position. While I don’t see an invitation that meets your request, you have received many that have noted co-leader comes with activity and they would be willing to promote. I’d urge you to ask yourself what you’d be missing as you earn that position. Good luck.

Hi there. We have place for you and you friend. We are a very active and talkative alliance. We hit 8* titan, but we don’t give co-lider for newcomers. If you are good enough for competition and also are a good team-worker, you are invited in Wolf’s Lair (insane is Leader). Come and earn your position. Anyway, good luck.