Two vacancies.. Global Titan Slayers

We currently have two vacancies in an established alliance, almost exactly two years old, that fights 9/10/11* titans … just killed our first 11*…and enjoys our (usually successful) wars. We are:

  • English speaking from a range of countries and time zones
  • multigenerational… from grandparents to young adults
  • friendly and try to balance real life and E&P. That is, we understand if you need to step back for a day or so because of RL… just tell us in advance.

Our requirements:

  • at least level 25, because otherwise the titans might be a bit strong… in the 30s would be better, but we are also willing to help you grow
  • a full war roster, ready to fight right away

We have a Line account with resources to assist, as well as the opportunity to chat!


  • fight all titans with at least 3 hits, hopefully more
  • fight all wars using ALL war flags
  • communicate… let us know if you will be absent or have time availabilities during wars
  • join our Line Group

interested? Reply to this thread or line pc229.

We look forward to hearing from you!


…plus it would be nice if your defense can keep you over 1000 cups over night. If you’re under temporarily when applying it’s not a biggie. @Damara this is the alliance I mentioned…lovely bunch of easy going people.