Two Things—Wars+ Natalya-

Viva la Guerre, we love it. Just theee of us, older players, friends with decent teams …and war is not hell! More like Nirvana. Like back in the nineties, up in Seattle…ahhhh good times. And number two…

Wtiff is Natalya. Deals massive dmg, cannot be negated, blahblah…she is like some super sexy ball-busting succubus from hell, man!!! Not cool. And she is Fast, too? She needs nerfed. Unless I get one, then it’sall good. 8)/


FI amended your title to help draw discussion.

Like you, I think wars are doing a lot of good and adding a valuable dimension to the game. Work is needed yet, particularly to allow better opt out.

I disagree about Natalya. She is not on the shortlist of heroes that cause me to skip a raid. She only rates a B in Anchor’s/7DD’s ratings. My raid team can usually generate enough healing to offset her damage over time, and her damage isn’t so huge that it alone will wipe out most heroes (unlike Lady Locke).

Direct damage heroes like Natalya don’t benefit from the usual bag of tricks a good raider uses, like attack buff and defense debuff. Their attack is subject to Wu’s miss chance, but doesn’t benefit from its buff.

Natalya is a very specialized tool: kill Green heroes. If that’s not the goal, there are better options,


I use Natalya in every raid because she my only 5* red. But I find her a staple to my success. She not only shuts down any green hero, but she prevents any looming disaster (ie. slow special heroes & healers).

Natalya is weak overall. She deals zero direct damage on her special as it takes her 4 additional turns to actually deal her damage and that’s enough time to wipe out entire team. She might benefit from dealing first of her hits immediately instead of on next turn in my opinion, but overall she is ok as highly specialized assassin unit when used right… a B rating is correct for her as is.