Two taunter meta?

I see quite a number of double formations running two taunters in the front nowadays, mostly Ludwig and krampus. Is this the new taunter meta?

I was thinking the same thing. I don’t have Ludwig but have BK and Krumpus and never seem to have a positive outcome to pairing them. Is there something special I am missing from Ludwig and Krumpus combo?? I also have QofH and on a separate chat the consensus is don’t use multiple taunt heros.

Don’t think I helped you but :joy:

Who cares what meta is or not…!!

Attack those 2 taunters & find out the benefits or not … that’s what I would do…
don’t care what meta is or not…
I level up the hero that strengthens roster & play as per who I face…

I’m just wondering, as I have seen quite a number of doubles teams using specifically Ludwig and krampus on that exact position. Even one of my guild mates was using those taunters for the front. And I was here wondering if this is a new fad of a meta, or am I missing something?

Originally the forum mostly poo-pooed the idea of two taunters on D, but I have found them to be quite a pain. Even if you win the battle takes a LONG time.

Love seeing defenses evolve though, makes for a much more fun raiding system.


Question: if both Krampus and Ludwig specials are active, and you cast dispel, does it dispel both taunts?

Indeed, I came across a 2-3 setup with Krampus and Ludwig out front, with M.North, P.Lidenbrock, and C.Alberich in the back, and it was a complete nightmare that I wasn’t able to defeat. Instead of running and crying I went out and started working on Peters and Hansel to help me defeat the setup. I wouldn’t normally run 4*s while raiding, so it was refreshing that this team forced me to rethink how I raid!

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I dont find teams with two taunters a pain to deal with, if i see one i usually take my blue team with Pengi and unleash the herrings on them.


Yes, if Ludwig fires you’ve lost, especially when undispellable. I can recover from BK and Krampus.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I asked that question maybe a year ago or so and from what I gathered is that they cancel each other out and it was pointless.

i don’t know about “new taunter meta,” but when previously a double taunt was ineffective because it opened up two targets to getting hit instead of just one, this particular iteration of a double taunt can cause more potential problems because of

  • C. Krampus’s Rogue Evade talent
  • potential for Ludwig to cast an undispellable taunt if there’s a second family member
  • Ludwig’s accelerated passive mana gain on nearby allies

not to mention that (C.) Mother North and (C.) Krampus summon minions, and with the accelerated mana, that healing and minion summoning can get out of hand really fast.

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Hmmm…not come across this yet. Will be interesting to see how that might work.

I’m currently finding “Christmas Family + something nasty” is the current flavour of the week

I was intimidated by Ludwig as well but it all changed after I got Lepiota. Currently, I always stack Ludwig - Hel - Lepiota against any Ludwig defenses and I find him going off no big deal whatsoever. All I require for success is 3 dark matches to charge Lepiota + Hel combo. Lepiota does not even care of Ludwig’s taunt being undispellable. After sending him away, my Hel just stops that 6-turn nightmare. And by the time Hel’s mana block ends, my Ludwig is charging her mana up anew like no tomorrow… And the rest you can imagine.

If the dude is in your alliance have him set em up and raid him. And report back :slight_smile:

Wha?? I fought the exact same one but C-Marjana for Alby in the Right back. Took about 8 minutes to lose with zero heroes for the chest. AND I killed Ludwig twice!

They do cancel the other. But you can set the taunt on the other one after the other is dispelled. It’s extremely difficult to face.

It is a mixed bag when 2 Taunt heroes are put on defense. On one hand you have the potential of each popping keeping taunt alive longer. However, they will overwrite each. Ludwig is especially bad to overwrite since his Taunt is the best ATM.

For those who have Kage & C. Seshat, the threat is lessened since they dispell first, then hit.

Frankly, Dodge & Taunt is a worse combination.

Strategy to counter - Hit both with tiles earlier so they go off within a turn of each other so one Taunter negates the other. Use dispellers to get rid of it and kill kill kill.

I think people are just experimenting right now, especially if they don’t have a dodger to see if 2 Taunters will help their win/loss ratio.

I’m going to say this is the official new meta of those who spend for heroes. Once you get in platinum, Ludwig and C Krampus are tanking a lot, and the 3 behind them aren’t easy to face. We’ll have to find a good tactic because they are fierce!

This is the example. It’s always that Ludwig and krampus (mostly it’s costume version) on the same position. Back 3 would be any hero. But this team has Wolfgang at the back so it’s even harder to deal with

Exact same I faced. Seems the green varies from Alby to MN to Quenell to Frigg. All ready to fire when you’ve dealt with the Taunting Tanks. Going to be a long road to beat these monsters