Two Sumles = Twice the fun or twice the disappointment?

Like Admiral Ackbar I sense a trap here…

I wasn’t fishing for him but I caught another Sumle in my summon net today.

I was going to feed him as I have one levelled already and then I stopped and thought wait …2 x Sumle, Wilbur, Boldtusk could be awesome…

I don’t have Falcon yet (6 jackals, Panther, daft Lizard but that Birdman be elusive to me) but I’ll be going for him again soon…

If I get lucky that sounds even more formidable right??

2 dropping bombs would mitigate the miss percentage I think?

Try it Unleveled when u farm @ S1 board. it can be fun. He does miss, but the few times I went at it with 2 sumLe they both hit a decent percentage of the time.

Yeah I thought this. Standard rules of percentage chances is increasing numbers of shots fired increases the damage you do. Miss percentage stays as it is…you just Have more cracks at it.

I’ve padlocked him now and I’ll give it a run tomorrow see if it’s as fun as I think it could be

When I pulled one, I just let him sit. Then i got a second one and I had same thought as u did… and decided to keep both to level in the future.

Yeah… don’t feed away the 2nd, keep both they’ll be useful in the future


Could be interesting to mix them up on a red stack…l for example… if u have Wilbur… what would happen if u triggered Wilbur first.

Should be interesting as u level them later.

I decided awhile ago to keep 2 of every 3 and 4 star, and with some interesting Valhalla 3/4s releasing … i am appreciating these more.

I just wish SGG would increase frequency of 3 and 4 star tourneys

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