Two suggestions to make life easier for a player

Hi all,

I think these two suggestions will help makes things a little better!

1 - For any map game, please show the number of waves to play all the time on the main battle screen … currently this information is only shown briefly at the beginning of a wave, and many times you forget how many waves to go.

2 - The emblem option to increase critical strike by 2% seems clear, but what is not clear is how much chance of a critical strike your hero currently has. It would be useful to see the % chance of critical strike for a hero presented in his stats, because at the moment I don’t know how much % chance there is, let alone adding 2% to it via an emblem.



  1. Add Stage Progress Bar or Wave Counter for Better Tracking / Keep Wave Counter Visible All the Time [MASTER]

  2. Display active crit & mana bonus during battle

Feel free to add your voice & votes on the above threads :slight_smile:

For additional explanation about crit damage and that see this thread: Critical Damage - A Short Guide to Understanding
Note: all heroes have a base crit % of 0. (i.e. no chance). only gets added by troops, family, effects & emblems.