Two Suggestions for Atlantis Summons


I’ve got two suggestions to improve the Atlantis Summon Portal.

  1. No “regular” 3* Heros! It costs an extra 50 gems to do a summon here, getting Graymane, Gunnar etc. feels like a rip-off. We should at least get an Atlantis exclusive 3* for the premium cost of the summon.

  2. When a player buys the 30 pulls summon, they should be guaranteed to get at least one 5* hero. I spent $100 to get enough gems for a 30 pull, and didn’t get a single 5* hero for my money and effort. The first thing I said (well, second, the first isn’t fit to print) was “I’ll never do that again”. And I won’t. That’s way too much money for 30 feeder heros.


While I can sympathise with you about your pull during Atlantis.
This has been discussed in other threads and while I agree with the extra cost we should get at least an Atlantis 3* if you read the description carefully it does inform you who and what is included. Even just scrolling through the hero’s gives you a good idea what you will get. Now the odds of pulling 5* hero’s are there for all to see it is not surprising that you got no 5* hero’s in fact I am sure many have spent more and got nothing as well.
As for guaranteed 5* hero that would just make the game instantly p2w and would not be in SG best interests


Yeah, We were all had. I spent more as well, Rags. But, never again.