Two suggestions about developers feedback

Well. So far only 24 voters. Not much data to do conclusions. Although already interesting. First of all not everyone who playing game registered on forum. And even from those people who read forum less than 50% people look into announcements section on support. Not to say about updated posts there when probability to be seen even lower because people must go and look on already viewed post.

So from this point is logically to rethink your feedback behaviour. @Petri @Sara @mhalttu maybe better to create in news&announcements thread on forum another thread about bugs (closed to comments like news). And posted there info about fixing the bugs (especially like server crash - I personally was very disappointed by silent closing of thread in bugs&issues without commenting). And found by accident that you edited post in the support center about that server crash (–SOLVED-Unable-to-connect-to-the-game-Feb-1-starting-at-4-50-pm-GMT-0-. Or at least post more info in bugs and issue threads (if you don’t like additional duties and copying of info).
Also obviously I am not suggest to send info about bugs in game inbox because many people even not noticed server crash and there is no point to inform everyone).

Also second suggestion which started from first one. In-game inbox almost useless because it’s only for rare messaging from you, and almost all the time no need to have. So maybe you will use it for more interactions with players? Like sending players not only notifications about available update also send if not all info about what in release, but are least main points. Players who not registered on forum maybe will like that info. Thank you

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