Two strong players seeking a new alliance

We are two experienced E&P players who have been in a small friends alliance (3 active players), but now seek to join a larger one as one of our members will pause (or possibly quit) playing the game. So who are we?

  • C2P players with mostly standard 5* heroes but with a few HOTM as well (e.g. I have 17 5* on the highest ascension level out of which 4 are HOTM). We strive to have a deep bench of good heroes.
  • Defense team power of around 4400 and 4200 respectively.
  • We consider ourselves good at hero vs. hero fights, we often have good scores in wars and raids. For example, I have been up at 2760 throphies (top 100) using a rainbow team of all plain vanilla 5* heroes (it was a while ago, I haven’t bothered lately since more focus has been on raid tournaments).
  • But due to the small size of our alliance, we do not yet have any experience with high level titans (we mostly fight 3* and 4* and occasionally a rare 5*)
  • Our goal is to participate in most wars (using all flags if needed) and titan fights (sometimes using harpoons if we can spare the resources to build them). But we both do have jobs and families, and there will probably be some occasions where we do not have enough time to spare. So if you are looking for 100% dedication, time-coordinated attacks etc. we are probably not your guys, but if you are a bit more relaxed regarding this we think we can make a good contribution to your alliance!
  • We don’t mind joining some kind of chat group for the alliance, although we might not be super active.
  • If you like to see our defense teams, you can find me (MagicRebel) and my friend Luttinger by searching for our existing alliance “Father and Son”.

We’d love to have you join our family, feel free to look us up for more information :slightly_smiling_face:


We are a mixed group of new and experienced players. We mostly fight 8-9 start titans.

Wars are optional but we do want players who opt in to use war flags.

Titans should be hit but we do allow for posted misses due to any real life stuff (one miss here and there would be fine). No requirements on amount of damage done.

I think you would be a good fit but check us out “Empire Savages”.

Hello magic rebel :slight_smile:

You can check out us, we’re pretty casual and playing for fun.
Hitting titan is a must but war is optional, if opt in have to use all flags.

Contact me on Line: kirei_onnanohito

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Hey guys, I don’t have any fancy pictures (which I’m going to work on now, LOL) but I can attest that you guys seems like the type of people we would like to have. From the way you write, you guys seem like down to earth people which is what we like.

We are currently doing 6 and 7 star titans. The highest we’ve ever done is an 8 star RARE. We are a bit chatty sometimes which is a good thing I think. You can check us out at From Ashes We’ve Arisen! We love to help other members out. The only thing we ask for, if you opt in wars, we would like for you to use all of your flags and to at least try to hit the titan once.

We also use discord for all kinds of chatting, from when to use harpoons (we currently only ask everyone to use 2 to get to tier 1 as they are expensive in resources), when and if we need help to flip the board in war or when we will be attacking in a group and all kinds of other chats.

Anyways, don’t want to keep this going on long. Just check us out if you are interested.

You can look up our alliance if you haven’t found one. Leaf Rains… we are a tad chatty also. Lol but a good group.

We looking for you from so much time!.. come and see us guys! We love to have you with us

That’s exactly what our alliance needs, North Michigan Knights, check us out,it’s up to you if you want to join :slight_smile:

If you don’t mind rocketing up to 9* Titans, please come check us out. We would love to have you :slight_smile: fyi, for alliance wars, we currently run with purple tank and have somewhat of a phase attack strategy, though it’s not very strict. If this works for you, I think you could be happy with our friendly group.

Surely looking for new members to chat. Everyone here at WHs have been together for a bit and are friendly. Hope you at least consider and take a look.

Join Royal Group!

We are full of alts from members of our main alliance LoS Royals. Can move on up if we get some openings!

Check out Guardians Ascending.

Part of the Guardians family, currently at 28 members.



Come and check out “Strange Circles”. 8*-10* titans. Nearly all war flags used most wars. Friendly knowledgeable group. Competitive and fun. Stop on by

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Sounds like you will fit right into Akkadian Elysium, which I describe as “casual serious”, with experienced players, for the most part in the 4000-4400 range as far as defensive team power goes.

The “casual” part means we do not have hardcore rules, nothing beyond the common sense ones most every alliance has at a minimum, meaning hit the titan, but wars are optional and we have a line group that is optional. There is no “minimum damage” requirement for Titans or anything like that. If you are in war, then please do use your flags of course. As far as war coordination, there isn’t much as most things happen organically in our alliance most of the time, but we’ll call out if we’re close to flipping the board so that whoever is able to and wants to can help make that happen, but no one will instruct when to hit or who to hit etc. (but we’ll happily advise if asked).

The “serious” part means we get results that go beyond casual, we tend to face strong war opponents and end up with well under 10 unused flags usually (I’d like to say 0 every time, but that’s not quite true - then you’d completely be in hardcore land). Currently with 21 members we are taking down 9*/10* Titans, and when full that will be 10*/11*, possibly up to 12* even (we’ve nibbled at those before, but haven’t killed one yet). You may not be used to those, but you are absolutely strong enough to face them, btw.

As far as chat, it’s not super busy except in spurts sometimes, there are some more active chatters and some that rarely do, and that’s all fine. There is some adult language on occasion, and we may joke around with each other. If possible, do look for the featured message, usually about letting a Titan go or not.

Hopefully that describes us fairly well, but of course let me know if you have any questions, here or line (line id chopped-liver).

Check us out in game, Brothers of the Sword.

We use Line app for war instructions. Just that one chat room is mandatory, the rest we have are optional and not everyone uses them. Mostly just for fun back and forth between the members.

We are fighting 10/11 star titans right now. We do use coordinated tanks in war and we have a war strategy regarding timing of hits, but it’s not over the top. Never require anyone to be on at any specific time because that’s just not how life works. Famiily and work and life in general comes first.

We are an eclectic bunch when it comes to location and team power. You both would fit in toward the top of our alliance. If you would like some more info, my Line ID is earlverdant.

Good luck to you both wherever you wind up.

Wow, thanks for all the nice responses! We’ll check your alliances and hopefully join one of you after the current war is finished.


We would love to have you over at Panther War…we are a growing alliance with about 18 members participating in war and regularly taking down 8 star Titans. Join us to chat and check us out.


You had a lot of great offers!
If you are still looking, have a look to squadra invincibile.

We are a worldwide alliance with members from all the continents. Some of us are together since most than 1 yr, and some from most than two. We are near to celebrate the 1000th alliance day.
Currently on 8*, with some good rare 9* in our trophy room.
Wars are optional. We have a core of high level players that routinely use their 6 flags, while some low level players only use their few available heroes.
While most (practicality all) players login several times per day we agree that RL comes first!

No drama, relaxed atmosphere, Line group optional, and you can also learn Persian (I’m doing it :grin:)

We have room and could use some additional strong players. Feel free to check us out.

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