Two statements from teammember. Is it possible?

I have two statements from my teammembers. First is about the S2 map loot. The loot from S2 hard mode contains an Orb. I didn’t know if that is even possible ? A 3* mat as loot from S2 hard mode map.
Second is that another teammember pulled Malosi from this current costume summon? Has EP added a former Hotm as possible hero ?

What is going on here ? Bugs or are they pulling me a leg ?

Both are not possible afaik, unless there is a new bug that went unnoticed.

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Nah, homie, sorry, probably not true.

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Impossible to pull Malosi from costume summon at the moment when Zocc is featured as HotM.

Regarding the orb, it might be a reward for finishing S2. I can’t remember what exactly the loot was for finishing S2 but it had like two 3* ascension mats.

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@Blord The best way for you to determine that is to require your team members claiming such to post screenshots or videos showing their recent activities. Only then can we determine whether that is true or not since recent activities from options menu will really show whether they get Malosi from how many days ago and the orb from regular maps. Screenshots or videos are best evidence we can have. Please be reminded that recent activities can only store information as far as 4 days ago, I believe.

Neither one of those are possible, unless their account is bugged.

In my first alliance, I had a “fellow team member” claim that you’re guaranteed to get a HotM if you do X number of summons that month. :roll_eyes:

Other people have claimed on here that “at least one person in the alliance is guaranteed to get the rare item when you kill a rare titan.” Or so they had been told. :roll_eyes:

In other internet “news”:

  • the world really is flat
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We object to being called Aliens.

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And I object to being called reptilian… but accepts being called serpentine.

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A thousand apologies.

We welcome our serpentine refugee overlords. :grin:

So like… do we use Bitcoins now? Or what?
And is “hisssssss” considered a compliment or a slur? Sorry, my serpentinguish is a bit rusty.

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When completing season 2 on easy, I did get some assention items that I wasn’t expecting including a d blade. I looked up the recent activity area and discovered that it was due to completing season 2. You get more than the coins,summons and avatar. I don’t recall if an orb was another item that I received. See if she completed season 2 on either easy or hard.

I didn’t went in discussion. I’ve redt a lot of information on this forum and sometimes I pass this information to my teammembers and sometimes not. Most of them found me nerdy on this game and going in discussion doesn’t help me with that. I just let them happy with the loots and pulls. Even if that is most likely not true. But that’s me.

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