Two questions

  1. It seems that the elemental summons option changes elementals each month. I need a blue superhero. I have 300 gems to cash in. Right now it seems as if the purple heroes are available. If I wait until next month (later today) will I get a superhero of the same color as that month?

  2. We have one team for offense, one for defense. Why do we have options for a third team? What would it be used for?

Thanks for replying.

  1. The elemental summon should be changing a lot more frequently than that (it cycles once every 1 day, 23 hours or something). Look down in the lower right and it should say “Ends in: XXh YYm”. Is that the case with yours, or are you mixing it up with the exclusive summon for each month?

  2. Can be used for a lot of things, maybe a team you’re testing out or a farming team that’s dedicated to speed instead of strength. Or just heroes that have sentimental value. Your imagination is the limit there I suppose.


The elemental summon has advertised a blue hero for a while now. The timer says that it’s got 3 hours left.

I’m not sure what to do…get an elemental summon or an epic hero summon.

What are the differences? I took the elemental summon last time and got Cyprian, who I am not excited about. In fact I just stick him on my defense team and forget about him.


Elemental summons order is a follow : Red - Blue - Green - Yellow - Purple - Red… Switch every two days.
The difference between elemental and epic summon, is that epic is from all the 3* 4* and 5* heroes, and elemental is only one color. A lot of people tend to go with elemental for a better chance at the hero they want currently, or they may think might improve there team the best.

It is also said that elemental summons have a better chance at getting better rewards. The precise number of those chance increase are not public and i personally don’t remember reading anything about it. Be prepared to spend 300 gems and be disappointing with 3* hero, it happens a lot.

Now the hero of the month (hel in june, athena in july) seem to have a bonus chance of 5-10% to be gained with any epic or elemental summon.

I use the 3rd team option to bring specific hero higher up on my hero list, (those in teams are always at the top), and also you could have a different team for attacking raids, defending raids, titans, map quests. Its just a convenience option more then anything. I personally would enjoy 5 teams.


I find it strange that your game has shown a blue monthly elemental “for awhile now,” unless i misread your message. Hel (purple) was the special card for June and it just switched to Athena (blue) yesterday. I think you’re confusing the Elemental summon which changes roughly every two days with the monthly special card.

Regarding your other question, i have a raid team, defense team, and i guess you’d call my third team an offensive team. Other people have farming teams as well. You don’t have to use all the team slots.


Here’s what I see:

I believe the odds are better for Elemental (13 cards) vs Epic (63 cards). That’s just my belief. :grin:


Thank you, you have been very helpful.


Can you explain what a “farming team” is? I don’t understand what attacking has to do with farming.


Farming is essentially playing a lower level map battle in order to easily gather materials. If your team is good enough you can even turn on the auto pilot button during the battle (top right) and let the game play for you.


Yes, I do that already. But how does the make up of your combat team affect the results? It seems that your normal attack team is all you need to win the lower rated battles.


Yeah pretty much. I don’t have a farming team. My third team is used for titans.


It comes down to time management. If I’m farming, say, 8-7 to get my 100 monster kills and I have my biggest and strongest team then each special attack will kill one monster at a time. Instead, if I stack it all with AOE heroes then each special attack will clear out a whole wave. I also don’t need healers since the monsters don’t do much damage to begin with.

All that means that I can get my farming done in a lot less time, although auto-pilot does mean that I can do other stuff while waiting for the battle to end anyway.


But your limited by the World Energy factor anyway, so you can only fight one battle every 30 minutes. So what’s the rush?


It allows people to check in periodically throughout the day while at work or running errands, etc and put their team on auto pilot to accumulate resources while still doing stuff in real life.


Because I have other stuff going on in my life and can’t be checking in every half hour, unlike what I presume you’re able to do. So I let world energy accumulate over several hours before using it all in one go. Ditto if the timing lines up and I can do my quest when I wake up in the morning.

And when I am doing it, I’d much rather get a repetitive task like farming done in 10 mins instead of 20-25, although I’m sure there’re people out there who would prefer to drag it out.


This isn’t about the autoplay feature. This is about the “farming team” which is specifically designed to fight wars against lesser opposition.

From what I can see there is no such reason for a special force. Your normal attacking army can do it just fine.

The autoplay feature was never under discussion.


You’re absolutely right. Your normal attack team can farm just as easily.

But some combinations of heros can farm the same levels faster.

Both approaches are just as valid. Only a matter of playing style, available heros and possible game time.

Its all good in the hood :slight_smile:


As Fledoble has now also said, it’s about getting the farming done faster. That leaves you with more time to do other stuff, either in the game or real life. I value my time, so if I can get a repetitive task like farming 8-7 done faster then I will.

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