Two question guys about DoT and healing

Hi guys, I need the exact answer of these questions so those answer who are sure about it.
First does attack booster effect on Dot I mean those hero who have exact number of damage like lady of lake? I thought it does not but someone said yes it does , so I need how?
Second, when a healer heal 44% what does it means? 44% of their health will be add to all or 44% of each ally add to their health?
Thank you

Every buff status will effect on attack booster rule, DoT (Damage over Time) is included as buff.

Lady of the Lake does not have DoT.

Yes, Heal 44% based on each hero, not based on the caster HP.

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As I understand it:

Dot is affected by troops only. Effects applying during a game (like attack up, attack down, gambler’s stance etc) do not change dot

The percentage applies to the HP of the recipient. It is also affected by troops with a heal bonus, Tritons buff and so forth. Those things also effect overheal like Heimdall

Edit: sorry I missed the reference to attack booster. If you mean does a dot have any other effect in a buff booster, the answer is no. Dots are “status ailments” and the only thing which is operative at providing the extra attack boost in a buff booster is buffs, not ailments


Could u tell me how much is damage of costume kelile ?
I mean burn damage which said 302 over two turns
If it boost for example 20 % what happen?

Well it is 151 per turn, for two turns

If you got a twenty percent boost that would add 30 per turn, total 362

Bear in mind that an increase in the attack stat from a troop is the only thing that increases dot from what is on the card, as far as I know. So if your troop adds 20% to the attack stat, I believe that provides a 20% increase in the dot amount

In side I read a post that dot damage calculate
Dot factor of hero × attack state x… some other
I thought the dot factor is the number in cards but when I saw he calculate damage of Azalr as example choose that number 0.495
Do u know what is it?

A good place to start for understanding how DoT works is here

You’ll probably see a lot of your questions already explained there.


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