Two proposals to prevent Alliance War Spying:

The following is basically a duplication of a post I made in another thread, (Alliance war - player from enemy alliance joining and leaving) regarding concerns about players spying on opponents during the preparation phase of Alliance Wars. Because I am proposing specific changes to address the issue, I thought that it would be appropriate present them here in the Ideas & Feature Requests section as well as the original thread.

  1. Only allow active war participants to access the battlefield . If this were the case it wouldn’t be possible for a spy to see an opposing alliance’s (i.e. the alliance on whom they are spying) defense prior to the beginning of the war.
  2. Create a dedicated in-game war chat with the same access requirements . This would prevent spies from eavesdropping on strategy discussions. This would be a better solution than relying on 3rd party chat apps like Line or Discord because access could be directly tied to the player’s war participation state in-game.

Other than the fact that it is bad form, exactly what benefit is there to be gained from spying? I don’t see it. Even if you know what color tanks you’re facing, you can’t do anything to change it or make it easier. There isn’t time to power level enough strong color heroes to make a difference.


I’ve been pondering this myself…


But if they have access to internal communications they can leak that to the Website EmpiLeaks just prior to the war and before you know it Delilah’s lead in polls evaporated and You end up with Gobbler as your Alliance leader…


There’s more to developing a strategy than just knowing the tank colors. Even at that though, maybe the spy’s alliance may not be able to power-level 20 strong-color heroes, but a handful of them in nearly 24 hours would definitely be useful and possible and may be enough to make the difference between victory and defeat in a close war. My alliance has lost wars by single digits. One more strong-color hero would probably have changed the result in at least some of these. Also, if the spy learns the specific abilities of the heroes to be used, members of their home alliance can level with an eye to countering that specific ability instead of just strong-color-vs.-tank heroes. Furthermore, having the knowledge up to 24 hours before the war begins can give an alliance the time to plan out a more optimized order of battle than if they had to figure out the details within the active window. This would be particularly useful to alliances that have members whose locations and times-of-activity may be very spread out.


You’ve gone full E&P. Never go full E&P.


One of the best comments I’ve read on this forum lol

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Well, I came to this post because it happened to our alliance this weekend, and wanted to see if had happened to somebody else too.

A co-leader of our enemy alliance joined ours and then left (there were not conversations about war ongoing, but I think his intentions were to print screen with our teams info).

We changed our tanks color and won the war.

It upset me at the time, but I think spying is part of every war.

Also, I will propose in my alliance to not accept anyone after war pairing.

Okay, so what is the problem?

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Here’s a much simpler proposal: set your alliance to invite only after war prep starts and reject all applicants until after war actually starts.


Are people really this freaking sad as to do this kind of stuff? If so, they really need to ban themselves from the game for awhile and just go outside and look at the birds and trees. Maybe go fishing or something!


THIS. Super simple. No coding. No waiting for a new “feature”.


It’s impossible to power level many heroes every war.

You cannot know against which alliance you will fight before the match and after the war match you can see your opponent’s teams equally without spying.
The color alignment in the tanks is valid for small or medium alliances.
The players of great alliances have a bank of heroes quite deep do not care to fight 6 red or green tanks.
The only thing he got was to harm his alliance by telling him for the match and not being able to participate later.
I think his only intention was to make you nervous and he succeeded.

First, the teams you can see between the pairing and the war, are the regular defense teams, not the battlefield.

Second, using the same tank colors does not have anything to do with your own bench depth, but with your enemy’s, I’ve heard of several top alliances that use that strategy.

Third, you CAN leave your alliance during war and come back to find your flags available.

We were not nervous, just mad.

And I only came here to see if it had happened to others, and tell what we did.

I agree that no coding is needed.

The only issue I see with the OP is that I joined an alliance with a war strategy during the prep phase a few months back, none of my previous alliances had a strategy. I got to witness that strategy first hand while they fought in the war and it helped me get a better understanding of that strategy.

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