Two players looking for alliance

Hi~ looking for an Alliance for me & my bf, any suggestions?

Mine is Chelleastro (1234 trophies / 2805 power)
His is Envy (1223 trophies / 2676 power)

EDIT: We found an alliance thanks guys :slight_smile:

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Hi :). If you’re active, like killing 7-8* titans and participating in wars - join Bayana, exactly 2 spots free :slight_smile:

We don’t use line app and you don’t have to be very chatty :slight_smile:

Monkey Island z-fighters faces 6*-7* titans and is a fun alliance!

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Hi guys yeah as bran says come on over. We are part of a 4 strong alliance along with the black pearl, ship happens and twisted full. Free to move around us all and test yourselves.

Queen of the North has several spots open and you can move to wolves of winterfell and king of the north once you get stronger

Aloha, if the two of you have not joined an alliance as of yet, Monkey Island Z Fighters has openings. We have two couples fighting with us already. And half of us are a chatty group. And the other half just listens. Lol. And as Hox said we are part of a 4 alliance group.