Two players 4200 and 4100 looking for a progressive minded alliance


We are two WLW/NB players looking for a semi-serious alliance that is anti-racist, anti-homophobic and just progressive-minded in general. Our previous alliance was gay/trans friendly however let people get away with racist comments.

We have 2000 and 2200 trophies. 500+ damage each war.

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Braveheartz has a few available spots

@Del1 I can’t find the alliance when I search

Try BraveHeartz spelled like that

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Check us out, we would love to have you both! We’re a well established and diverse group of players.

Tuck the Fitans

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Crystal Paladins have spots.

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That’s debatable… it heavily depends on the war you’re in… one shoting the strongest 6 enemies on the battlefield will get me less than 400 points. Changing alliance will most likely change your usual war score… We’d like to have you, unfortunately we only have one spot available…

Ah, you’re right. We were the strongest players in our last alliance. The alliance before that I never got 500s. Hadn’t made the connection.

You can help us and we’ll help you! We are hitting 8-10 star titans and those MATs will bring your game up a notch. Been in this alliance and never heard a off-color remark. We are from around the globe, no line or discord but we coordinate titan hits and war attacks. Try De Raptors, I’ll welcome you personally.

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Please consider Order of Gaia. We are casual, but super-respectful.

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You could give us a try: Darker Hyrule. We don’t talk about politics… actually we don’t talk about much. The alliance is pretty active, just not very talkative with people around the world.

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You could check us out. Sixth Element
Contact Kevin w. Scott #0807 on discord


Red Hot & Blue only cares is you kill titian and show up for war. We broke away from our old alliance since the leader has been MIA for more than a month now. So we are starting at the bottom.

In a month we went from 3’s to 8’s, We need a few good guns to really handle the 8’s.

Side note “A Few good guns” would make a great movie title, Clint and who else??

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Thank you so much for reaching out to them… I hope that they’ll consider giving our Alliance a closer look… We are a diverse group from all across the globe. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Check out Na Fianna Nua, we are in need of two more players to fill out the alliance. Would be elated to have both of you.

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Rising Dawn has 3 open slots. We are an international alliance, speaking English and a bit of German and Greek, 50% North America and 50% Europe/Australia. We are currently

  • killing 11 - 12 stars titans,
  • looking for a player with at least one 4200 TP team
  • we ask that you use all war flags and hit titans for at least 50K
  • Life happens, and being absent for a couple days/week is ok as long as you communicate and opt out of wars

We have many veterans with deep knowledge of the game and very generous with advice and help.

Hit the Rising Dawn Discord Welcome Channel if you are interested


Come check us out at Wretched Warriors! We’re an English speaking alliance currently hitting 7-8* titans.

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If you have yet to make a decision, please consider The Locker. We are an international, semi-serious alliance whose only goal is to have a good time and ‘enjoy’ the game.

We do require daily scratching of our 10/11* titans.

War are optional, but if you take the field then all flags must be used. We do employ a simple war strategy that is timezone friendly and are currently utilizing yellow tanks.

Our conversations revolve around game play and having fun, most time spent joking about warm mead and burnt pizza rolls. Disparaging remarks towards any one is not condoned or tolerated and the few times it has happened the offender was quickly shown the door.

I would really enjoy it if you were to give us a try or, if you have any questions my Line ID is wolfwarrior66.

Hope to see you all in The Locker soon.

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HuntersClub have a few spots and its just the way you want it, we would welcome you with open arms.

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Did you guys find a spot?